Mini Micro Scooter - Yellow - £40.07 Delivered - Bike Discount

Mini Micro Scooter - Yellow - £40.07 Delivered - Bike Discount

Found 3rd Feb 2016
Again these sell for £59.99 in the uk, so again quite a discount available, provided you don't mind candy yellow as a colour.

Other colours available but they are between £39 and £43
Lila -…227
Pink -…227
Candy Blue -…227
Red -…227
Orange -…227
Neon Orange -…227
Blue -…227
Neon Blue -…227

About the Micro Mini Scooter
Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining. Let's stroll around the town with the kids. You do not feel like taking the buggy, should the small children not want to walk. What is the solution? The mini micro!

Your kids are mobile, progress more quickly and really enjoy it. We are particularly proud of the fact that the mini micro has been selected several times as the toy of the year by children and their parents. Developed in collaboration with specialised Swiss doctors it enhances the movement, motor function and coordination of the children through its weight control. The handlebars can be simply removed for transport in the car or in a suitcase. The footboard reinforced with glass fibre is made of soft synthetic material and prevents the children from getting injured. But the best salient feature of the mini micro? The beaming faces of the kids who ride it.
Age class: Kids 2-5 years
Product Kind: Kickboard
Surface Kind: Asphalt
Application mode: Mobility and Movement
Application mode: Fun and Games
Kind of Wheel: Hard rubber (PU)
Size of wheel: 120 mm
Kind of folding: Removable handlebar
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Good discount put the base price doesn't include delivery £4.65 unless you're spending over £100.

Might also be cheaper to pay in Euros if your card doesn't charge fees
£38.46 delivered for me?! still good discount, have you added delivery charge onto your header?
Sorry, I didn't see the delivery costs, as I originally ordered this…823 and the postage was free. Ordered it at 11:30pm last night, and already received an email saying my order is pack awaiting DPD to collect. That's quicker than most UK stores.
Also noticed that it is no longer available, so must have got the last one, hence why I didn't post that deal
thanks ordered.
Ordered! Brill!
Is there much difference apart from the handle bar between micro and maxi ????
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