Mini Ninjas - Wii £9 @ Tesco Direct Online

Mini Ninjas - Wii £9 @ Tesco Direct Online

Found 13th Feb 2011
Cheapest i can see, £14.99 @ Play

A band of miniature but mighty ninjas must work to restore peace to a world on the edge of destruction in this fighting game with a colourful visual twist.

The Mini Ninjas are young, but their skill in martial arts more than makes up for their lack of experience. Players can take on the role of one of three of these ninjas, each offering up their own unique abilities for the job at hand. Hiro, the youngest of the group, is best for all-round combat and Futo is slow but strong, while Suzume is the most light and agile of the bunch. As well as facing off against hordes of on-screen opponents with traditional martial arts, players have a selection of more spiritual powers at their disposal, including the ability to control the powers of nature. Age range 7 years+.


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Currys selling them £4.99 instore clearance as I got one from Leamington Spa and Nuneaton had 1 left maybe more stock in different stores


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This was 5 quid from Tesco a month ago.
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