MINI TRIPOD INSTORE £1 in poundland

MINI TRIPOD INSTORE £1 in poundland

Found 5th May 2008
Been looking for a cheap tripod for my video camera,found it! Not too shabby seems good value for a pound!
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I bought one of these for a quid last year and they are cheap and nasty but what do you want for a quid..Voted warm..:)
I have my eye on this, while I wait for my s5700 to arrive from . Could cold voters please explain themselves
its only a quid, voted hot, if it breaks than take it back, its ok for normal point and shoot cameras.

When you buy a camera for 200 pound + then its better to pay a bit more for a better stuff.

great deal op.
its carp... you can have mine
How so imran? Is it wobbly or something?
How so imran? Is it wobbly or something?

How so imran? Is it wobbly or something?

it has telescopic legs that dont stay out. and the head doesnt fix to a sturdy angle...

just pay a little more and get a better one
Some shops sell them for around £5.. and seem much better..
Ok seeing as nobody has an detailed review of this...


Cold - Not worth your pound, to be perfectly honest.

1 - Cheap
2 - Will hold your camera... ish (see below)

1 - The telescopic legs don't stay extended.
2 - Very badly made - one of hte legs fell off mine after a few days
3 - The head doesn't fix in a good position easily
4 - The telescopic part of another leg came out after another few days.
5 - Will only hold very light point and shoot cameras

Get this if you need something to steady your point and shoot camera with... As in if you're taking a photo in a low light situation and need to keep the camera still so you can get a good photo. Don't expect to be able to do anything fancy with it. There is no way you'll ever get decent video footage with this.

If you want to do some proper photography or video work, shell out £30 for a decent tripod. Currys Digital are selling a really nice Manfrotto tripod for £30 instore as a special price, and I got one. It has a nice smooth pan, but that's another product.
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