Mini UFO Bluetooth handsfree in car kit - £21.61 delivered!

Mini UFO Bluetooth handsfree in car kit - £21.61 delivered!

Found 19th Apr 2007
Seems like a brilliant deal to me - good now that the police will be looking out for those on ear bluetooth headsets! Sorry if this has been posted before - first deal posted, and did a search - cant find it posted already! Google checkout and super saver delivery makes it half the price of the next nearest retailer. Oh and don't forget your 0.1% quidco

Iqua miniUFO is a portable, lightweight, mini-sized handsfree device with elegant design. It provides a clean wireless audio connection with your Bluetooth mobile phone or PDA. With special concerns on driving safety and user convenience, the product is designed to be of easy to use with four simple operation buttons. With the mounting accessories included in the sales package, the product can be easily mounted on the sun visor or dash-board of your car. In addition, it is excellent for use as a table-top handsfree at home and in the office. It can also be used with a Bluetooth enabled PC with suitable software to make voice calls over the Internet (VoIP).

Key Features:

* Voice dialing and user friendly operation keys ideal for car drivers to make and receive calls
* Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices such as cellular phones, PDAs, and computer
* Low power consumption, up to 10 hours talk time and up-to 450 hours standby time with the internal battery
* High voice quality ensured by cutting-edge noise suppression and echo cancellation technology
* Support Call Waiting and Conference functions
* Voice security ensured by using 128-bit encryption
* Easy-to-mount with sun visor clip or mounting plate with double-sided sticker


Voted hot, I haven't got any cash (and don't have the need for one) but its a great price!

I didn't know it was verboeten to use a BT headset in the car?
I will continue to use my BT equipment, and the police can go suck on a lemon if they have a problem with it.

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Scribbles - it isn't, but the law changed a month or two back, think it meant something along the lines of they can take the fact you are using a BT headset as evidence to help prove careless or dangerous driving. Cant remember the exact details!


would this devie use the existing speakers or does it have its own?

does anyone have one? is it loud enough for motoways?

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I think this was the pilot scheme, which was extended nationwide a month or so back Scribbles.

yb54 - not sure, got mine on order will let you know! Fairly sure it has its ownspeakers however.

u cant use in ear bluetooth devices to make calls then?

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It is not technically illegal, but if the police judge that you using it is distracting you from the road, they can charge you with not being fully in control of your vehicle.

So will they buy the gear off of me that they deemed legal a year ago then?
I don't think such a conviction would stand up in a court of law personally. But I may be wrong. It would be no more dangerous than talking to a passenger. Are they to make that illegal too?

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D'ya wanna bet, Tony? :roll:

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Might be better googling it I cant remember the exact details of the changes I only know there were some!

The Price is £30
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