Minibook Ultra-Portable Laptop £139.99 Delivered @ Maplin

Minibook Ultra-Portable Laptop £139.99 Delivered @ Maplin

£139.99Maplin Deals
Found 14th Jan 2009
Product Features

* Whilst there may be hugely powerful laptops out there - you could be paying way over the odds for a lot of functionality that you will never benefit from. This lightweight, low-cost laptop does exactly as it says. There are very few if any laptops that match the minibook mini laptop for value; it''s the perfect micro laptop for surfing the web and undertaking word processing tasks on the move - or even if you just want to save space. One thing you instantly notice about this mini laptop is its size and weight; it is an excellent travel companion as well as perfect PC for carrying around the house. The outer casing has an attractive piano-black finish, the keyboard is tactile, the mouse pad easy to use and the 7-inch digital screen provides a perfectly clear image. If you want a laptop for powerful performance, such as for gaming or movie editing, we could recommend a long list of brands. But this is not what this mini laptop is about; its about being compact, lightweight, well-built, functional and fantastic value for money. If youre looking for these features, then there are no rivals to the mini-book.
* Small on price and very small on size - ultra compact and just 650g!
* Ideal for web surfing, email, word processing and spreadsheets
* A perfect travel or business companion with built in Wi-Fi truly mobile
* 7-inch TFT widescreen screen and stylish piano black finish casing
* Easy to use Linux operating system
* 3 x USB 2.0 ports
* Stereo speakers
* Touch mouse pad
* Email and Office (word processor and spreadsheet program)
* PDF viewer
* SD / SDHC Card reader
* 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
* 2GB SSD (solid state disk) shock proof storage
* Expand the storage with USB or SD Flash Memory (not external hard drives)
* Supports up to 4GB SD cards and 4GB USB sticks
* Multi-theme display (child or adult mode)
* DDR2 128MB memory
* AC adaptor / charger
* Complete with Xip office applications
* 12 month warranty
* For additional software and 3G support please check:
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not sure how to get pic on but here is one .

[image missing]

thought this item is ideal for kids :thumbsup:

with 128mb of ram and a 2gb hard drive, it's not very good value for money to be honest
the ram would need a bit of upgrading

may as well pay a little more and get something a lot better like this:…8-5
Very VERY slow device.

Buy something else, they're pretty cheap and rubbish. Certainly not worth £140 ...
I'd nail the bird on the box though...
How does this compare with ASUS eee PC, other than being much cheaper?…=16


Charlie Brown
Looks exactly like the Elonex that was going to be the £99 laptop.

I had one of the Elonex onet+ and its perfectly adequate for web browsing and light word work.

Build quality actually feels better than my Eeepc.
I've been looking around for a "Netbook". Something simple to get on the web easily with minimal fuss. The problem with a lot of Netbooks is that they are getting too complicated. They are basically downsized laptops running full Linux distributions or Windows XP, and even Vista!

They are getting bigger and "better" as the months go by. We started off with the Asus EEEPC 701, simple, and straight forward. We are now getting full on Windows machines that just seem over kill.

This one though seems to be doing the opposite. Keeping it simple, and enough to get the job done. It might be on the sluggish side, I don't really know, but at 650grams and no moving parts it's got to be something that can be shoved from room to room and place to place without kicking up too much fuss surely?!

Grade B stock is available at under £120. I'm tempted. The Nokia N810 is what I'd like ideally. But that is quite a lot more expensive, and probably not as ergonomic in terms of ability to type on.

I was half tempted by the HP 2133 Netbook on Misco. Open box stock, £160. But at 1.2kg and a 120gb hard disk, it's basically a small laptop, and I've already got a laptop. I want something I can switch on, check something up on the web, and shut it down quickly again.

Has anyone got experience of using the Minibook? Is it powerful enough to browse "busy" websites? i.e. something like Facebook.

Thanks in advance.

The Nokia N810 is what I'd like ideally. But that is quite a lot more … The Nokia N810 is what I'd like ideally. But that is quite a lot more expensive…cl/

Wow! Bunking work for fifteen mins. Gotta see if this is available here!
Don't buy.
Utter junk.
EeePC 701 series much better. This one has no camera nor can operating system be changed. Also 2GB drive is pretty small even by netbook standards.
Best avoided.
Asus EeePC best value with Acer Aspire One nicer to use but even more money.
I have an Eee runing Ubuntu linux as a mini proxy server, and Aspire one as general use with XP on it. Satisfied with both.

Scorcher of a bargain just picked up. Nokia N810 for under £80 from PC World. Cheers for the heads up to the other deal!
Did you get an N810?! I was thinking it was just a few stores but might be worth popping to my local stores!
If you are thinking of one of these for the kids then don't bother....

Friend of mine bought one for her daughter to use...connects to the internet fine throught the WiFi and can browse many sites without a problem ...but.......being an eight year old she loves using the disney sites and in particular hanah montana. Unfortunately, this bit of kit is not capable of viewing sites with Flash content. Tried everything and everywhere but no joy...spent days online searching for a solution but side is she only paid £70 on ebay brand new!
maplins - nuff said
Thanks to whoever posted the eecee pc 701 carphone warehouse deal, we got the 701 with windows xp on it for £156 as I recall, for the daugter to browse cbeebies site especially whilst we're abroad & just to hook into a larger redundant lcd display for her not to be squinting at whilst at home, it does admirabley.
One thing, to run websites such as cbeebies & bbc i-player smoothly it does really benefit from a memory upgrade, cheap enough, I can now go on holiday without worrying about spending an hour tapping out an emergency email to a stroppy so & so on my ipaq phone, or having to wander into town to spend a morning at a web cafe!

Great gizmo a netbook, just identify what & why you want it! (travelling with a wife & kid I take enough **** with me so it's refreshing to have a light pocketable pc type thing! ;-)
These really are the cheapest lowest spec generic pieces of chinese rubbish out there. Seriously, pay a little more and get a AAO or similar. These are really really poor.

Did you get an N810?! I was thinking it was just a few stores but might … Did you get an N810?! I was thinking it was just a few stores but might be worth popping to my local stores!

Yes I managed to get the N810. There were two left in the Newport store yesterday afternoon. I had one and I got the distinct impression one of the staff was eyeing up the other. Stonker of a deal. Even on eBay they are £175 used. Under £80 brand new, PC World must either be mad or there's some strange logic behind their pricing!
I went to my local Edinburgh PC World last night and asked about them. Chap said "Oh yes we got two in yesterday". I said I would take both and he went off to the stock room. I was feeling all chuffed about the bargain I was about to get. He came back empty handed and fobbed me off with a story how they had been ordered in for a PC World Business customer and were not available for sale. In other words the staff wanted them! Grrr.
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