MiniDOOM free side scrolling parody game

MiniDOOM free side scrolling parody game

Found 21st Nov 2016Made hot 22nd Nov 2016
Doom is famous for being one of the most influential first-person shooters of all time, but would it have worked as a 2D platformer? Given the premise – angry space marine must kill monsters, reach end of level – it probably wouldn't have been as gamechanging, but judging by this fan project, it'd still have been pretty cool.

MiniDOOM is a "very short parody game" based on the first Doom, made as part of a course using GameMaker Studio. While short (it's only an 11MB file, too), it's worth a download just to enjoy the beautiful sprites – the recreation of the Cacodemon is a personal favourite.


it's beautiful


Download is unavailable.

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Link keeps dying too but keep checking

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Just worked for me right now, windows 10 google chrome.

Got this and am enjoying playing it.
Thanks snake!

Actually looks quite good. Reminds me a little bit of Crystal Caves.
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Failed, failed, failed.... Looks good but downloads failed. Will try again later.

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