Minions Fart blaster gun £9.97 reduced from £20 @ Tesco Horwich

Minions Fart blaster gun £9.97 reduced from £20 @ Tesco Horwich

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Minions Fart blaster gun £9.97 reduced from £20
Tesco extra Horwich


Got one of these for a 5 year old relative. Caused chaos and parents hated it. Job done. Heat.

lol who needs this when you got men around

Well I'll be blowed

Even I can't do a delayed fart and blame it in on the MIL. The Fart Gun can. Time and time again.

Disco Dave

Well I'll be blowed

If you're lucky!

I need one of these,, I mean I need to get one for my lad! heat


This was £20+ last year. I thought it was a waste of money but the mother in law bought it for my 7 year old.

It is the only toy from last xmas that he still uses.

(TIP: If you hold the trigger down for 10 seconds - until the light flashes - it will then do a fart after a random amount of time. You can then place it in someones room, walk away and wait for the fart sound. Very childish, but funny)


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My son has one of these and he loves it, every child should have one lol


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​check in-store, there were loads on the toy aisle and on an end pos

Sounds fun , kids would find this funny. Hopefully price will drop somewhere in time for Xmas.

My 4 and 2 year olds would love this. Currently nothing funnier than farts in our house

Save your pennies and buy baked beans.

Batteries not required.

Got this for my son , im sure he will have fun with it
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