Minky 4 Arm Rotary Airer 45m - £20.00 @ Wilko (FREE Click & Collect)

Minky 4 Arm Rotary Airer 45m - £20.00 @ Wilko (FREE Click & Collect)

Found 30th May 2016
Only 97 in stock

Hang your washing out to dry on the Minky 4 Arm Easy Breeze Rotary Airer, ideal for drying large amounts of washing as a great alternative to traditional washing lines. It has a patented, easy-to- use opening and closing mechanism to make hanging your laundry a breeze. The airer fully rotates and lines can be tensioned easily (to prevent it sagging under heavy weights) by simply pushing up the auto-lock mechanism.
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Looks great - good make too but a couple of reviews say the central pole broke/bent in half.

Put four spin-dried towels on the airer in a good drying breeze. Went out for an hour and returned to find the towels in the dirt and the airer's central pole bent at a right angle. IMO, the pole - which is hollow - is not strong enough to withstand fresh or gusty breezes, which is a bit annoying as these are ideal for drying! The airer has been sent to the recycling centre.

Would not recommend as snapped first use the centre pole is made of very cheap and soft metal that snapped on first use with only very light washing on it . It's not strong enough to hold a tea towel and is if very substandard metal quality has appeared as fair but is very below average
Crap just ordered one. Think I'll cancel and look for something a bit sturdier.
Out of 6 reviews on Amazon 2 are one star and 2 three star, can see why Wilko have reduced them.
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