Minky X Wing Airer £5.00 click & collect or £8.95 delivered - Sainsburys

Minky X Wing Airer £5.00 click & collect or £8.95 delivered - Sainsburys

Found 15th May 2011
Minky X Wing Airer £5.00 at Sainsburys using click and collect. Or £8.95 delivered.
Next cheapest I can find is £16.99 at Dunelm.

The Minky X Wing Airer is a steel airer with a strong tubular construction, ideal for drying laundry indoors. It unfolds from flat to fully extended in a single, simple move. The arms can be secured horizontally for drying delicate "dry flat" items, or at varying angles for drying longer items.

In addition to its 14m of hanging space, the Minky X Wing has corner slots for hooking up clothes hangers for drying shirts. It folds flat for easy storage behind a door, in a cupboard or under a bed.
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Great price!!!
Thanks! Just what i needed. Heat added
Yes, a brilliant price (between £22 and £23 at Amazon and Tesco), just ordered one. I do prefer drying clothes on the line but it is always useful to have one of these for rainy days when you only have a few items and don't want to use the tumble dryer.
Very good price - ordered. Thank you
Thanks ordered one. Was getting Fed up using my ironing board as a dryer
great bargain, ordered one. thanks
cheers, ordered, one of mine is circa 1983 !
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This is a great airer, just bought one from Costco for £33 (so not best pleased), and holds masses of clothes. Voted hot from me.
Thanks bargain for a fiver !
Nice price
cold, i was expecting one of these
ordered 2 one for me and my Mum,excellent find! Thanks
"We count thirty Rebel ships, Lord Vader. But they're so small they're evading our turbo-lasers!"
"We'll have to destroy them ship to ship. Get the crews to their ironing boards."
X Wing airer?

Just what I need for my TIEs.
showing out of stock now uck well nice find
Great find but oos now
thanks alot. have ordered one. Been needing a decent airer for ages.
Anyone else see the word tubular and instantly think of the Turtles?
Thanks op just got 1 showed oos a few mins ago so worth giving it another go to anyone whos already tried.!
Ordered one, no problem, so still available to order.
still available!
just added one to basket, then removed it, worth a look if you want one.
Got 2, winner!!
damm, missed it
I have just got one, keep trying guys

Anyone else see the word tubular and instantly think of the Turtles?

sold out!? ah well, there's always moisture farming...
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Thank You.

Thanks OP, can even dry a double duvet cover on this without folding, and just seen it on Amazon at £24.75
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