Minnie and Mickey Mouse Bumper Cars £129 reduced to £75.49 @ Amazon

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Bumper Cars £129 reduced to £75.49 @ Amazon

Found 15th Dec 2013
for anyone who has any money left to spend....

Minnie and Mickey Bumper Cars

Not actually sure how sensible a present these are-as I know having ridden bumper cars recently that I felt every thump and bump, but as a child loved them in the fairground and founf them great fun.
previous post a few months ago shows they were selling for £129 at argos-but with many toy sales at present you may find cheaper somewhere else---but 42% reduction at amazon.

again if someone could kindly add a picture i would be very grateful and if you can provide a dummies guide on how to do it i would be even more grateful.
some kind helper previously told me-but i still caan't get it to work...
Mickey car £84.55
Minnie Car £75.49
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Crikey I wouldn't have any furniture left and as for the poor dogs ..................
Why do they not do these things in adult sizes
Wow these look fab but yeah not sure on practicality!!
white flamedeer
Look fun, oh to be little again
Looks good
I want one
Love these! If my place was bigger I would love to get my youngest one, be good if you had a couple of youngsters as can 'bump' each other. Wish I had one for me!
Demo here on YT- sorry , have no clue how to paste links or pics etc so may need to copy/paste in browser. youtu.be/1U3…cBM
how cool8)
who has the room for bumper cars lol hot
Look awesome
Surely the point of bumper cars is you have more than one in a contained area - sounds like a terrible idea for domestic use! oO
My niece has one and lover it.so much fun.:)there great.!!
What age do you think the youngest that they can use it?.
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