Minority Report DVD - £2.99 delivered at HMV
Minority Report  DVD - £2.99  delivered at HMV

Minority Report DVD - £2.99 delivered at HMV

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Minority Report DVD for £2.99 delivered from HMV.co.uk

Starring Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Max Von Sydow and directed by Steven Spielberg

Synopsis: The world's biggest director, Steven Spielberg, teams up with the worlds biggest star, Tom Cruise, in this thought provoking slice of sci-fi based on a short story by the legendary author Philip K. Dick. Cruise stars as John Anderton, the head of a new and controversial form of policing, instead of catching murderers after the event, the police now have the ability to see murders happening in the future and are able to arrest people before they carry it out. These future murders are seen by three gift beings none as the precogs, who are able to see the murders in their dreams. Then one day the unthinkable happens, a dream appears that shows John committing a murder, with only a short time before it's due to happen he goes on the run, convinced he's been framed and desperate to find out the truth.

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Id opt for the 2 disc version - as i bought the 1 disc and after watching i wished i had all the extras same with my irobot dvd
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