Minoura bike workshop stands £64.95 delivered or less.
Minoura bike workshop stands £64.95 delivered or less.

Minoura bike workshop stands £64.95 delivered or less.

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Just been looking for a Minoura mountain bike workshop stand and found Merlin are having a sale (plus 10% off orders over £100 and free delivery)

Minoura X-3000 £64.95 (£35 off)
The W3000 is 10cm taller than it's predecessor and features the same improved clamp design as the new RS-5000. The tough steel frame will provide years of use and includes a wide base for maxiumum stability.

Minoura RS-5000 £89.95 (£50 off)
The new RS-5000 features a modified clamp mechanism with a shorter adjustment lever and larger knob for quicker, easier operation. Its is fully height adjustable between 0.92 and 1.52 metres making it easier to work on bikes clamped by the seatpost. The lightweight aluminium frame and unique Q/R folding design allow the RS-5000 to be folded down in seconds for storage and race transportation.

Was the X-300 in Halfords recently for £80 and was impressed with its build quality so hopefully the X-3000 will be even better at £15 less..

The Go to deal link doesn't seem to work due to the way their website works so click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

- buelligan


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Try again. Click below and scroll ot the bottom of the page (sorry) :oops:



These are always stupidly priced, I would love one but not for this much money. Try £20-£25 then I might be tempted, come on manufacturers pull your finger out.

Put it on its bars and seat and get a milk crate ;).....


Put it on its bars and seat and get a milk crate ;).....

Oldskool pmsl.

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-24.6! So this isn't a hotdeal? Someone want to post a better one at a cheaper price? :roll:

I agree that these products have always been far too expensive.
My mate who runs a couple of bike shops swears by a loop of rope which is suspended from the ceiling, which he hooks his the front of his saddle into.

Still this is a fair price judging by other products out on the net - but not significantl enough to vote either way.

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Fair enough Jazid. I've been looking at flimzier ones one eBay for the same sort of money or equal quality for £80-£120 plus delivery so I thought £65 incl delivery and a possible 10% off was a hot deal.

Delta make a cheap one for about £15 you can view it here:
Should be able to get your local bike store to order you one in. Its not as good quality as the one posted, but if you just want a cheap one......


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Pretty hot deal! A good product with free postage (probably saving … Pretty hot deal! A good product with free postage (probably saving another £15 due to the weight), a decent discount, and from a company that is established and has a great reputation...

That's what I thought but from what I have seen on here people often have hidden agendas or press cold because they don't have a bike, mobile, Xbox etc. Bloody odd IMO. A hotdeal is a hotdeal. :whistling:

As an alternative there's also the Edinburgh Cycles one still available in their sale for £49.95 delivered for anyone that's interested:

This is a stunningly good quality workstand for the money.

The Revolution Tune Up Workstand offers a stable platform for working on the bike at the most comfortable height.

The Tune Up Workstand's legs open up wide to help promote stability as do the stand's substantial rubber 'feet'.
The main oversized aluminium tube telescopes so the bike clamp can be set at any height from 1-to-1.5 metres off the ground - no more getting on your knees to clean/adjust/maintain/repair your bike.

Utilising 3 nicely machined QR (quick release) levers, you can erect this workstands in seconds. Bike prep accomplished, the Revolution Tune Up folds down equally fast.
The clamp also features a cam-style QR closure, making it fast and easy to secure the bike for working on, or unclamping it once you've finished your tune-up session.

Owning a quality workstand makes bicycle maintenance so much easier, hence more pleasureable, hence you'll be more likely to do it regularly.

The clamp is faced with heavy-duty rubber to prevent frame damage (though if you are paranoid about clamping your paintjob or decals, follow the advice of our mechanics and clamp bikes by the seatpost).

The clamp turns through 360 degrees so you can hold the frame or seatpost secure at the most convenient angle for working on - eliminates the risk of knocking the bike over while working on it in the traditional manner - i.e. with the bicycle upside down, balanced on its bars and saddle.

100 x 20 x 18cm when folded down.


Flip the bike over on the handle bars and saddle or failing that the kitchen table when the wifes at work.

I'd rather throw £65 at my beer drinking hobby.

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Received mine today. It's sold, easy to build, strong and stable enough to hold a 23Kg mountain bike whilst I washed and service it so it's a [COLOR=red]hot deal[/COLOR] IMO. String yours up from the shed roof or scratch the kitchen table If you must. I'm a happy bunny with no back ache and I've saved 30ish quid

It's the season for bike buying. I got half of my 20% discounted order from wiggle delivered today- XT cassette, Pace brake mounts, ISIS tool, and my Pace rigid forks are on back order, 20% off too. Would have given this serious consideration if I hadn't spent £200 on this kit. Please keep posting bike stuff buelligan- even if some people don't appreciate it, I do! Whilst I do look at Wiggle, Chain Reaction, and Merlin regularly, there's always stuff I miss- CRC has so much stuff online.

Damn, i'm going to have to ride Cwmcarn on this rigid i'm building.... should have gone for the stand- it's easier to service the bike than ride the damn thing!!!


23Kg mountain bike

23 KILO!!! downhill beast, or Halfords special :-D
i'd be irritated if mine weighed 23lbs... but then I do come from a track and road background. Keep on ridin' pal, thanks again- rep added.

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Specialized Hardrock Sport. Cheap and cheerful. Weighs 21Kg by defualt, few odds and sods probably makes it 22-23Kg. I'm no feather weight myself so saving 1Kg on a bike is a bit like putting carbon fibre on my motorbike..
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