Mint Poppets - Reduced to 12p @ TESCO

Mint Poppets - Reduced to 12p @ TESCO

Found 4th Nov 2008
Packs of mint poppets down to just 12p a pack in tesco.

Online and Instore

Grab a few packs, good dates (Late Next year)

Hope it helps!
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Just added some for my delivery tomorrow - thanks. Handy way of adding another green point too, as they base it on number of items. Extra 1p off! :-D
mmmmmmmm love em pick some up tomorrow
Thanks for that, I love poppets
Poppets, the cream of Croydon.
They still have the 5 energy saving lightbulbs for 40p offer on as well (and it is marked now).
Half price Wilkinson Sword Razors (the ones with the built-in trimmer) £3.96 instead of £7.98
Plax 2 for £3 (£3.29 and £3.60 each normally).
800g Granary Loaf 80p instead of £1.04.
Half price 400g Mature Cheddar (£5/kg)
Half price frozen Chicken Joint (£3.50 instead of £7, although why anyone would pay £7 is beyond me)
And the Fudco microwave poppadums are down to 29p for 15 (Garlic Urad Poppadums).
I love the Toffee ones, not tried the mint ones before.
Why cant they bring back the peanut ones.....remember them from Saturday morning pictures at the Odeon
Oh I Love the mint ones. Thanks for that. :thumbsup:
Think its time to go shopping i wonder if tesco will do a price promise on there tins of roses also while im there since morrisons are doing them for £4
i love the toffee one's also, ill have to pick up a few packs and see if i like them
not bad price -found the 5 pack pack {normail size} in aldi the other day for 89p though-
Raisin poppets have to be the best! Guess they're not on offer, eh? :x
29p in co-op too which I thought was suprisingly cheap (if you're not near a tesco)
terrible tacky ***** that 1p off?
im sure gravel tastes nicer.
IIRC Home Bargains have these at an even cheaper 10p :thumbsup:
thanks bought a whole box full (36 packs) will last the kids for a while & will be ok til sept next year :thumbsup:
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