mint sauce 13p online @ Tesco

mint sauce 13p online @ Tesco

Found 17th Dec 2009Made hot 21st Dec 2009
dont forget your condiments for Christmas day!!

this is cheaper than tesco value mint sauce.


Lamb on christnmas day :?

What about goose/turkey/duck

Just when the the lambs thought it was safe to come out for Christmas...


Lamb on christnmas day :?What about goose/turkey/duck

well if you don't particularly like those options or, as in my case, you don't want to conform to the expected then have something else. I always roast a good hunk of beef rib for Christmas lunch :-D


Honestly, why would you ruin a good dinner with this cheap and nasty sauce?

I had a lamb roast and was buying some mint sauce - I didn't know that you could re-process mint...... this DOESN'T have fresh mint in it but some chemist's idea of flavour... and it's only about 40% of that!

gross... spend an extra 60p and get the good stuff for goodness sake.

mint safe kids, mint safe

Yes this stuff is terrible, spend the extra 50p on a branded one if you don't want to ruin your meal.

Always tend to go for Colemans myself and like previous posters have said its not that much more for alot better taste and ingredients

Let it snow! Cold from me as its probably tastier to use mud.


fantastic deal!:whistling:

I buy this and then throw the mint sauce away and then use the jars for home made chutney and jams!
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