Mio MiVue 518 dash cam £27.97 in Currys PC World in store

Mio MiVue 518 dash cam £27.97 in Currys PC World in store

LocalFound 6th Aug 2016
Currys and PC World are selling the Mio MiVue 518 at £27.97 on clearance. This sort of stock shifts fast, so I know availability will vary locally, but I managed to get one in Glasgow today, and my Dad is just bought one this afternoon at Team Valley, Gateshead - so there do seem to be a number of stores with stock left. Cracking price!
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Can u help with the Product code
excellent price if you can find one.
I took that at the shelf - code seems to be 111419
Great, will check as already in town
Wild goose chase, non left anywhere
Can't find it online
Prices ending in .97 and .98 are all end of line so items so they are just clearing stock. Be good if you can find one as a good price but wouldn't make a special trip if a store isn't local
let the wild goose chase begin.
Just bought last 2 from Preston Blackpool road. Thanks Op

stock shifts fast

Say that 10 times faster
I have one of these. Video quality is very poor.
None available in the west of Scotland, Edinburgh is the nearest
Just picked up the last one in Sunderland. a couple left scattered around the North East. One in Hartlepool, one on Northumberland Street in Newcastle etc. None left in Team Valley. Good luck and thanks OP.
1 left in tottenham court road. It is locked, so you might need to ask. That was at 2pm today
Do not go to Staples Corner, 5 showing in stock but they searched the shop twice only 1 found, which I bought.
TY to the OP

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Thanks, Just got one from nottigham who before me where showing 7 so I assume now they have 6. Leicester and loughborough have none
Get yourself an Hp dash cam
I got this last year at Dixons travel for £49.99. this is my second favourite, I've got quite a few, the nextbase bought from costco is better but this beats any of the generic Chinese ones out there.

I just picked up 2 from New Malden, off the A3.

still more left if anyone wants one
just a little tip for anyone after one...

in my local superstore.. the setup on the shelf doesn't have this model. however I found a slightly dusty display a few meter away with no labels. after poking around a bit I found that it used to house the 518 model. being the super sleuth ... I guessed there might be stock locked away in one of those under shelf cupboards. i asked a member of staff to open it ...bingo. whole cupboard full.

I also found this model not listed anywhere on the website or product code.

so keep faith... and look hard. no goose chase here, and easier to find than Pikachu... if you know where to look
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Great for capturing police brutality(!)

​I think you're confused. this is the uk. not the usa.

thanks man

​I think you're confused. this is the uk. not the usa.

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Got the last one in New Malden just now! Very pleased so thanks to the OP.
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