Miracle-Gro 1015 gram shaker £4 add on item @ Amazon

Miracle-Gro 1015 gram shaker £4 add on item @ Amazon

Posted 12th Aug 2018Edited by:"craig-uk"
Add on item maximum of 3 for £4 each.
I also added Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Grass Seed, Feed And Coir, 3.6kg bag for £12 to get the free delivery to try and get my grass looking better after our long dry spell
amazon.co.uk/Mir…rch for £12
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I'd be all over this usually, but 'm going for plastic turf next spring cos my new puppy is currently destroying my lawn from here onwards (photo pre brown patches)



Edited by: "InTheKnow444" 12th Aug 2018
Worth a go for £4 for the patches
Cant fault these
Just make sure to dig out the dead grass and loosen the soil before applying
We’ve had a few bags of 7kg at £27. This isn’t far off that price. The 3.6kg for 12 is a obviously much better value. You’re getting an extra 500g for your £12.
But great stuff tbh.
Has turned or garden around. Very rarely it’s failed to germinate but tbh I do wonder if that time the birds just ate it all.
sinxa3 m ago


Don't think this contains weedkiller as this is just grass seed and feed. But yeah that verdict will really affect the industry and make everyone think again about garden chemicals.
Any good for hair?
sinxa3 h, 48 m ago


Who cares.

Hate this American addiction to everyone blaming everyone for everything and suing them for millions.

Over the years I've heard that eggs, talc, bacon, red meat, coffee, alcohol blah blah blah give u cancer.

Yes I don't smoke and over drink but I could get killed in a car crash tomroow. I'll carry on using weed killer and finish it off with a bacon sandwich and a coffee
Bought one and also the 3.6kg bag for £16 then a bottle of tito vodka lol..£35 all in thanks op
sinxa6 h, 7 m ago


Totally irrelevant. There's no Roundup/glyphosate in Miracle-Gro.

Roundup/glyphosate + lawn = bare brown flat area devoid of vegetation.
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