Mirror Newspaper 12 Free Mr Men Books

Mirror Newspaper 12 Free Mr Men Books

Found 1st Feb 2008
Starting tomorrow in the Mirror newspaper you can save tokens for a Mr Men book they either can be collected each day or you collect all the tokens to receive 12 books at end not sure.Also need to buy Sunday Mirror too.
I just ad on tv about it.The books are probably worth about £1.99 each so almost £24 worth of books for a few quid.
Maybe someone can throw in more details than me who saw ad properly.


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there also compettion about winning a box set,here it says about 12 free books too but not much info.You need to buy tomorrow paper to see whats what.

I have some money off tokens for the Mirror,so if anyone wants to collect the tokens,let me know how many newspapers you need to buy and I'll send you them(20p off weekday,40p off Sunday)

At a guess it may be 2 weeks worth.:)

are they the noirmal mr man stories, or new ones? cos we have all the original stories.

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Hey who added a deal link? It goes to 3M website?

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