Mirrormask, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal Box Set at Amazon £5.97 or £7.42 Delivered!
Mirrormask, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal Box Set at Amazon £5.97 or £7.42 Delivered!

Mirrormask, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal Box Set at Amazon £5.97 or £7.42 Delivered!

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Mirrormask, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal Box Set at Amazon £5.97 or £7.42 Delivered!

MIRRORMASK tells the coming-of-age story of Helena (Stephanie Leonidas), an intelligent young girl who dreams of escaping her fathers circus for a normal life. When she is transported into the Dreamworld--a place that bears a striking resemblance to her own drawings--Helena is faced with the task of retrieving a mysterious charm that has the power to awaken the Queen (Gina McKee) from her deep slumber, defeat the forces of darkness and return her home.

MIRRORMASK is a visually astounding piece of filmmaking that puts a modern spin on the classic fairytale quest. Written by acclaimed graphic novelist Neil Gaiman (SANDMAN) and directed by frequent collaborator and illustrator Dave McKean, the film mixes live action and animation to great effect, while managing to keep Gaiman's darkly beautiful aesthetic largely intact. The film's outstanding art direction is complemented by witty dialogue and some genuinely creepy moments (the words don't let them see you're afraid are chill-inducing). Leonidas's performance is remarkable, maintaining a likeability, charm, and freshness that is all the more amazing considering it was delivered against a green screen, with her special-effect co-stars edited in later. Also contained in this box set are two Jim Henson classics,

LABYRINTH and DARK CRYSTAL; the former, about a young babysitter who accidentally loses her ward to the Goblin King (David Bowie) and his twisted maze-like kingdom; the latter tells of a distant planet whose fate hangs in the balance of a magic crystal. All three films are tied together by strange creatures, stranger worlds, and the boundless imagination of their creators.


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Two classics and one utter meh-fest.

Dark crystal and Labyrinth are two of the greatest fantasy movies ever made, but Mirrormask... I TRIED to enjoy it

It all seemed too british low budget for me.

Dark Crystal is excellent. Labyrinth is a classic. Mirrormask is weird and disturbing, but has some nice sequences.

Saw this at about the same price in January in HMV, but then saw limited edition Dark Crystal for £3.00 and Labyrinth limited edition for the same price.

As I didnt want Mirrormask I got the separate disk sets.

Dont know if they are still doing it, but regardless even discounting mirrormask this is still an excellent price for the other two.

Its a good price, but i wouldnt buy it purely because Mirrormask is on it and id be tempted to watch it again! Frankly id rather put my hubbys balls in a bees nest than watch that tripe!! Good find though, credit where credits due!!
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