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Panasonic TZ70 Silver with SanDisk Extreme 32 GB SDHC U3
Found 7th Apr 2016Found 7th Apr 2016
Best price for new in the box silver version. Yes all black models do seem slightly cheaper but this is for the silver one. Going rate is about £250 without the card. Description … Read more
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Good question Brilly. Can't find anything close to this. Good enough for me, I'm in :-)


out of interest ... why is this deal so cold? is it due to the seller? or memories of olden day cashback offers? price is good, product is good - is it the mirror reader offers / fireworks merchant (flubit?) thing?


Nope but could be handy if someone would like the leather case and a spare battery.


That doesn't include a memory card


TZ80 records 4K video http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01AAU7RWI/ TZ70 available here with Panasonic Leather case and spare battery for 30 quid more (with Quidco) http://www.wexphotographic.com/buy-panasonic-lumix-dmc-tz70-digital-camera-silver/p1565836?awc=2298_1460138472_c670e531188d6836a2ad17a86cab0c1a&utm_source=aw

Nutribullet 12 Piece Set £89.99 @ Mirror reader Offers
Found 12th Apr 2015Found 12th Apr 2015
Cheapest I have seen them online
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not the same machine. ...not the same machine though.




I'm having trouble finding it on the mymail site where do i go to find that deal?


10 piece set £49.99, 15 piece set £59.99 at Mymail site c/o Daily Mail. Would post a link, but laptop will not let me do copy/paste, sorry


Nutri Ninja IQ is better in my opinion

Nutribullet + 3 year warranty £96.98 at Mirror offers
Found 20th Oct 2014Found 20th Oct 2014
Nutribullet - these are fantastic devices! Best price I can find online including a 3 year warranty and Natural Healing book. Only 96.99. You can get the nutribullet on its own che… Read more

I have a 900w nutribullet which is no better than my £22 Kenwood blender.


nice blender


I try to use my nutribullet DAILY and it is wonderful!


cheap for a nutribullet, specifically. but there's a host of clones from kenwood, breville, and many more that are about a third of the price, that you've really got to want 'the original' to pay that much more. the nutribullet has a good strong motor, so that's a good point in its favour if you're going to constantly use large firm veg,fruit or nuts. And the 3 yr warranty may be seen to be worth it.

NutriBullet + Free Book + 2 Year Extended Warranty - £99.99 (was £153.99) @ mirrorreaderoffers
Found 17th Jun 2014Found 17th Jun 2014
600W Motor The NutriBullet completely breaks down ingredients into a pulp free, delicious smoothie. Hidden nutritional value can be found in the fruit and vegetable parts you wou… Read more

Chinese fakes as I've discovered first hand


With a two year warranty ?


Lots on eBay for less money.


We just got the father in law one as he has throat cancer and can't eat solids anymore. He's tried juicers before and found them messy to work with. This is working out well for him so far with multiple cups and lids to put two lots in the fridge. That said, It's a lot of marketing hype and can be had for £99 anyway so it's not much of a deal.


Is this one of the better makes in smoothie machines because it's a lot more expensive than other smoothie blenders.

5 Way Plug Adaptor £4.95 @ Mirror free delivery
Found 13th Jun 2014Found 13th Jun 2014
device instantly transforms one socket into five call 0844 448 2466 and quote mirshop/A022.
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You can get a 4-way one at Poundland for guess how much?


Doesn't look dangerous at all(!)


I have a similar device and one thing to consider is that if you use this on a double socket (as per the photo in the OP) the other wall socket is quite restricted, especially for plugs with the cord at the bottom.


This type is not so dangerous, bought one from CPC and you get two sets of adjustable screws, one for sockets sticking out from wall another set for flush sockets and you unscrew them so they touch the wall, this stops the adaptor from slowly dropping out of the wall due to the weight of the plugs. you can see the thumb screw on the left hand side of the picture.


They sell these in Poundland.

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X-Hose Pro £29.99 - £74.99 @ Mirror Reader Offers
Found 2nd Jun 2014Found 2nd Jun 2014
I seen a post the other day on the normal X-Hose and how it was a bit weak. I have just seen this deal for the PRO version which they say is much stronger and the prices look good … Read more
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Ive got one bought from Amazon, i can only say its Brilliant ive had to for well over a year with no problems and its great for storage after use! much cheeper Here


There are currently no customer reviews for this product ?


read the reviews of owners - then don't get one - or send it back if you have already ordered!


From mirrorreaderoffers.co.uk should people wonder and according to them.. WAS From £29.99 to £89.99 From £22.99 to £67.99 Mirror Readers Save up to £22

X-Hose Expanding Hose with Free 8 Spray Nozzle & Adapter £22.99 - £67.99 (Free Shipping) @ mirrorreaderoffers
Found 20th May 2014Found 20th May 2014
I have wanted one of these for a while as I was getting fed up of my old hose kinking and getting tangled up. I have seen them in a few places now but this seems to be the best de… Read more

I got it from Amazon 25ft goes great no problem £13 dilivered


Cheaper on Amazon


keep looking at these so now I bought it thanks op PROBLEM voted hot it went down too cold WHY I no I clicked hot as other person done it and it went cold WHY is it doing this


I clicked on hot and the temperature got colder. What's going on here?


Just bought one of these for our Garden and its great! Husband loves all the ad on and gadgets.

St Lucia Rattan Garden Lounge Set for £279.99 + P&P (was £399.99) @ Mirror Reader Offers
Found 12th May 2014Found 12th May 2014
Available in Black, Brown or Grey. Comes with 2 single chairs, 1 two seater sofa, cushions to fit and a coffee table. Made from rattan effect PVC so is weatherproof. Measurement… Read more
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Argos £169, bm bargains £199


Where are they £200 ?


These are everywhere from 199 to 250. B&q, home bargains etc.


Plus £19.99 delivery making it £299.98. The same set can be had from the telegraph newspaper for £269.98 including delivery.

3 Months ESPN + Free Set Top Box for £10 via Mirror offer @ TopUpTV
Found 19th Aug 2012Found 19th Aug 2012
3 Months free ESPN plus a free set top box for a £10 connection fee via an offer with The Mirror. To possibly also get £15 topcashback or £12 Quidco to track, first visit the topu… Read more

Can I use the top up tv card in another freeview box?


I've been lucky, recieved the card and Box today. Really happy with it but in retrospect I should not have given my card details to a with-held number. Npower called me the other day wanting quite a few details from a witheld number but were unwilling to provide me with any confirmation of who they were -they (the t**t) said it was against the Data Protection Act. Obviously they were wrong


I also had a call from a withheld number; given that they spouted my personal details as I had entered them on the website. I said yes and although reluctant I gave them my prepaid Visa card number. Thinking about what I have done, it is a bit silly not to say I will call them back and take it from there. I hope it was not a fishing scam, I'll know by next week!


just had a phone call from topuptv saying that I could still have the deal, as there was something wrong with their site.


didnt espn loose out to bt for new tv deal starting next year if so espn must be desperate to shift some crapy old boxes

Saturday newspaper offers - see post - Mirror/ Express/ Sun/ Telegraph/ Mail/ Star
Found 21st Oct 2011Found 21st Oct 2011
**DAILY MIRROR 65p** FREE - Peppa Pig Toy - Redeem at WHSmith or collect vouchers & send away **DAILY EXPRESS 70p** FREE - Pack of Happy Egg Co eggs - Redeem at Budgens or Lo… Read more

Heat given. I'm surprised none of the papers are offering glossy pictures of Gadaffi's corpse. Little bit of politics...I'm Ben Elton GOODNIGHT!


*sigh* there always has to be one!


5 x £1 Tesco vouchers for various things(with a minimum spend on each product)..Example £1 off Mary Berrys Christmas cake mix.£1 off a £10 spend on dog food,£1 off a minimum spend on fresh stocks and sauces,£1 off a minimum £2.50 spend on cakes,and £1 off Viakal gel 500ml(limescale cleaner) You then have to keep buying the mail everyday to see what else is on offer


what is the tesco voucher


Damn! did anybody else think the £25 Jaeger gift voucher was for the drink? :(

FREE School Uniform when you spend £40 @ Morrirons with Monday's Daily Mirror
Found 29th Jul 2011Found 29th Jul 2011
Monday's paper costs 45p Don't miss the Daily Mirror on Monday and SAVE with a free school uniform (worth £8) at Morrisons when you spend £40 or more in store! Schools out for su… Read more



the daily mirror special offer 1st august, for free school uniform. I would like to know the nearest store participating in this offer in the Durham Darlington area.


got it does apply in scotland cashier couldnt believe it thanks-but its for my son not the cuddly sexy wife


offer started today!!


made me laugh X)

Genuine Leather Shoes BOGOF £35 @ Mirror Reader Offers
Found 9th Oct 2010Found 9th Oct 2010
Genuine fine leather shoes with leather soles By securing the entire factory production runs of these luxury leather styles, we are able to give every customer a second pair of le… Read more

Never known any newspaper reader offers to give you something for nothing so can't imagine these are all that wonderful.


So Clifford James shoes are very bad??


absolutely agree......you get what you pay for here!


Remember, with clifford james u get what u pay for!


Beat me to it Goto Clifford James with Quidco and you get 10% cash back

2 pairs of handmade shoes for £60 (RRP £99each) @ daily mirror
Found 12th Feb 2010Found 12th Feb 2010
2 pairs of handmade leather samuel windsor shoes for £60. seems ok. The samuel windsor website has these for £99 each

Who cares ?


Looks like that kid's going to go hungry then.


Again second the quality concern. I have now had a few pairs but just wont buy anymore. The upper seems to tear or rip so easily and the amount of cracking at the crease on my oxfor shoes is horrid!


i second that hukd reviews can also save us wasting money on poor goods eg pcs


Thank goodness for advice from HUKD users - this was looking like a good deal to me but based on the comments above I will stay well away.

Cordless and Reusable Compact Mini Dehumidifier BOGOF £24.99 @"mirrorreaderoffers.co.uk"
Found 10th Jan 2010Found 10th Jan 2010
FREE P+P!!!!! No more damp clothes, musty smells and damaging effects of mould and mildew. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE It just takes a second to hang this compact mini dehumidifier anyw… Read more
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You can get non electric mini Dehumidifier from the cheap shops or sometimes a 2 pack from the pound shop, the cristals soak the moisture up then you bin it and start again, these work quite well for me and take lots of moisture out the air, not as good as a electric Dehumidifier but a better idea then this post i think.


A much cheaper option would be to buy a big bag of silica gel and dry it out in a warm oven/ heater every 2 months.


I've got similar ones in my bedroom. Paid around £20 for two. They are good as it's just the bedroom that suffers from condensation. I hand them in the cupboard to protect the clothes. One the need recharged I plug them in in the hall which is well ventilated. They are decent!


I purchased some of these things well over a year ago, they were quite cheap and sold in pairs, I seem to remember under £20 They are only any good in small spaces, we use them in wardrobes and seem to work okay taking any dampness out. But as people say, when the crystals change colour, you have to plug them into the electrics to dry them out again, so DONT do that in a damp room, it takes quite a few hours to recharge them and then they seem to work in a wardrobe for a week or two. It does stop mould and damp smells in small places, but as it can only absorb a small amount of moisture, it would be useless in anywhere much bigger than a wardrobe etc, otherwise you would be contantly drying it out.


a good product, why cold?