Mirrors Edge £13  in store at asda

Mirrors Edge £13 in store at asda

Found 3rd Mar 2009Made hot 3rd Mar 2009
Was looking around asda and saw Mirrors Edge for £13 along With the new silent hill for £24.97
they have a sale on a few games instore that dont appear on the website may vary from store to store due to stock


H & R
lots of hot asda games deals, wonder why theyre having the clearout?


H & Rlots of hot asda games deals, wonder why theyre having the clearout?

lots of competition and perhaps they/or more likely their distributor doesnt want to get stuck with alot of stock that they will have difficulty shifting in 6 mths....i wouldnt be surprised if asda are still making a profit

£15 in sainsburys so not bad

Its down to Woolworths. The games are all old EUK stock, the Woolworths owned supplier. There quite few games but very random what each store has in stock.

good spot, soon they'll be giving this game away for free. It's only been out 4 monthss.

wouldn't pay much more for this game to be honest with you. it's more a technical demo than game. good graphics, nice idea and well executed, it just gets repetitive really quickly.

good find got it today thanks for the post

yep got it today too great post thx

Bargaintastic...my buddy picked me one up today, games are piling up now, just need to play em all. :s

Tescos Huddersfield had it for £13 too but only on the ps3.
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