Mirrors Edge (360) - £4.98 inc del - GAME
Mirrors Edge (360) - £4.98 inc del - GAME

Mirrors Edge (360) - £4.98 inc del - GAME

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Mirrors Edge only £4.98 at Game for Xbox 360.

Ordered a copy for myself


Same price for PS3 version...

Good deal, just ordered it from Gameplay last night but Game have better Quidco.

Ouch! Just bought it for 6.80

Also available instore, for anyone who needs it before Xmas.

not suprised this game is so cheap, its so frustrating lol. good deal though

Its £3.24 on Steam if you have a PC capable of running it

Just seen this in store for a fiver and it is nationwide.

Must be one of the best 360 games available for under a fiver

Now there's no excuse for not owning this.

Worth it for a fiver, first half of the game is an exhilarating experience. Sadly much like Kane & Lynch, the second half of the game is a creative disaster. Even if you stop halfway a fiver is a great price plus the excellent DLC (its better than the actual game) is either free or really cheap, so your getting a lot for your money.

PC version at the same price too.... Yay!

Totally worth it for a fiver, excellent experience, frustrating tho it is when trying to do the tricker jumps, there's just no other game like it. :thumbsup:

Got the PC version but only played the training level so far. Looks stunning!!

Got to be worth a lady godiva.

Is this game actually any good? The price seems to be falling just like prince of persia, which i thought was extremly dull

Will give it a go, gotta be worth it for under a fiver.

Heat and rep added :thumbsup:

posted here by myself first plus lots of others listed that are in the Game sale:


This game is AMAZING!!! I've played a LOT of games lately and I can honestly say this is MY best gaming experience of 2009. I haven't enjoyed any other game this year nearly as much (not even MW2).

Its very rare that I will play a game through several times, but this one I've played through over and over and enjoyed it more each time trying new routes and ways to get through the levels with or without killing anyone.

A very satisfying game that I honestly found myself clenching my butt-cheeks too as I made some real vertigo inducing jumps. And running along those train tracks avoiding trains actually made me sweat! Just awesome!
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