Mirror's Edge (£6) / Fallout 3 (£6) and others games (from £5) @ Morrisons in-store
Mirror's Edge (£6) / Fallout 3 (£6)  and others games (from £5) @ Morrisons in-store

Mirror's Edge (£6) / Fallout 3 (£6) and others games (from £5) @ Morrisons in-store

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Found this Morrisons at Colwick, Nottingham last week.

I saw Mirror's Edge (for £6 on PS3 & XBox 360) and others games for various formats from £5 in a promotions basket near the entertainment section.

Other HDUK members who have gone for this deal have also found Fallout 3 as well as others in the basket too.

There are a few to choose from on either PS3, XBOX360, Wii, DS, PS2 or PC.

(Apologies if this is already posted - could not find it though)


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Voted hot.


Voted hot. :thumbsup:

Good price - I payed £6 for 2nd hand a couple of months ago.

Yeah i also found this as well as fifa 09 for £6 and Skate 2 for £2.


Yeah i also found this as well as fifa 09 for £6 and Skate 2 for £2.

Skate 2 for £2. are you sure you did not mean £20? As £2 would be an astronomically hot deal.

And was Skate 2 for the Ps3 or Xbox360.

Voted hot! :thumbsup:


and Skate 2 for £2.


;O Really!?

Voted hot.

p/o it is part of the 4 for £20 deal near me


lucky for you/your store, most local smaller stores (inc mine) never have these bargain bins lying around for games (there are bins for crappy dvds & cds tho'), so never any bargain £6 games for ps3/360 wii etc for these newish/good releases, (there are some £5.99 for old PS2 & crappy wii games tho').

Willing to give this a go at £6.

Hope my local has one, good find OP!


Willing to give this a go at £6.Hope my local has one, good find OP!

IMO deffinitely worth £6

I love this game.

I wouldn't have this game if they were paying me 6 quid, it's poo. Maybe ok to resell on the ole ebay to some other fool though.

I enjoyed it. But found it frustrating, in fact pad throwing worthy frustration sometimes, due to this I done a couple of chapters every other day, kept me interested, kept it fun.

A must for £6 anyway. Good find, I so need some money and a trip to Morrissons!

dont forget the 2 x £9.99 expansions are now free on PSN for this game.

Posted more than once, and this is the most frequently spotted game aside from NFS: Pro Street in these bins across most branches.

My local Morissons is rubbish. It never has anything!!

Got this for £6 two weeks ago along with Fifa 08 and some wrestling game. Last copy of Skate 2 had just gone . Johnstone Morrisons. The bargain box is no longer there but i suspect if you`re prepared to dig in the dvd box you`ll find something

My local Morrisons store doesn't have this deal. They have the bargain bins out but there is only ps2 games, wii games and rubbish dvds. They also had another stand of games starting from £6.99 (lego star wars, gears of war, blackout, crackdown) but non of them are priced at £6.99, they all seem to be £9.99+

Great post thanks! :thumbsup:
Just picked up Fallout 3 on the Xbox360 for £6.00 :w00t:

Heat+Rep added!! :thumbsup:

Got a big local Morrisons where I live but no bargain bin of games anywhere at all and Fallout 3 was more than £20.

Got Mirror's Edge, NFS: Undercover and Fable: Lost Chapters for £6 each a few weeks ago.

Just managed to get COD5 WAW for the Wii for £6 and Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 for £6 at Morrisons in Holloway North London...bit sparse now, there were loads of ppl just grabbing titles. Lots of DS Titles left though like Sonic and Indiana Jones, Crash of the titans and more.

Did the staff thing you were a spy lol

no games in my morrisons, just about 30 copies of O Brother, Where Art Thou?
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