Mirrors Edge Catalyst [PS4/XO] £10.00 @ Smyths instore

Mirrors Edge Catalyst [PS4/XO] £10.00 @ Smyths instore

Found 8th May 2017
Reduced from £14.99 now £10.

Same price for XBox copy.
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Standard EA Access comment..... X)

I'm in smyths now..

Also add vr worlds £10
UD rush of blood £7
Heavy rain/beyond collection £15
Drive club vr £15
Battle zone £15
Rigs £20
Eve Valkyrie £20

I'm in smyths now.. Also add vr worlds £10UD rush of blood £7Heavy r … I'm in smyths now.. Also add vr worlds £10UD rush of blood £7Heavy rain/beyond collection £15Drive club vr £15Battle zone £15Rigs £20Eve Valkyrie £20



I got heavy rain/beyond collection and rush of blood (despite not having the VR set up yet) then walked into town and saw a handful of reduced PS4 games in cash converters window reduced due to case damage I asked them to do me a further discount for buying 3 and they obliged so I got a second copy (for lan purposes) of minecraft for £8 batman Arkham knight for £6 and watchdogs 2 for £12 then because I'm hard core I walked over to cex and swopped the cases over for like new boxes and walked out :0 good afternoons work me thinks..
York Store still had these at 1pm today if it helps anyone

Destiny -Taken King £10
Mirrors Edge Catalyst £10
Lumo £10
Heavy Rain / Beyond Collection £15
Drive Club VR £15
God of War 3 £15
Adventure Time £15
XCOM 2 £15
Atari Flash back 1 £15
Atari Flash back 2 £15
Battlezone VR £15

Picked up Heavy Rain, was going to get more but fear yet more dust collecting games on my shelf. Thanks
Went in looking for deals, found most of these on offer too. However there were preowned copies of mirrors edge and heavy rain/beyond collection for £5 & £10!! Bargain.
Good game, paid £8 and really enjoyed it!
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