Mirror's Edge Catalyst (xbox one and ps4) £26.99 @ amazon.co.uk

Mirror's Edge Catalyst (xbox one and ps4) £26.99 @ amazon.co.uk

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A decent price for both formats on Mirror's Edge catalyst.


Soon be sub £15

Catalysy hehe

Shame the game is awful, not a bad price at the moment, but it'll be sub £15 shortly like Scott says. Then it might be worth a punt

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Catalysy hehe

Soz. I've corrected it now

Think I will wait this one out but good price! Heat!

I've nearly completed it on PS4 and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a long way from awful in my opinion, but then the original game divided opinion too.
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EA access soon I reckon.

Just seen this in Asda living for £27 too - this has dropped almost as quickly as the original game did!

Loved the original game
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