Mirrors Edge on PS3 £14.99 @ HMV

Mirrors Edge on PS3 £14.99 @ HMV

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For those who missed the play.com deal yesterday

In a city where information is heavily monitored, agile couriers called Runners transport sensitive data away from prying eyes. In this seemingly utopian paradise, a crime has been committed, your sister has been framed and now you are being hunted. You are a Runner called Faith - and this innovative first-person action-adventure is your story.

'Mirror's Edge' delivers you straight into the shoes of this unique heroine as she traverses the vertigo-inducing cityscape, engaging in intense combat and fast paced chases. With a never before seen sense of movement and perspective, you will be drawn into Faith's world. A world that is visceral, immediate, and very dangerous.

Live or die? Soar or plummet? One thing is certain, in this city you will learn how to run. From the makers of the groundbreaking Battlefield games, 'Mirror's Edge' is an action-adventure experience unlike any other


Bizarre, HMV has the 360 version still at £40
Play.com still has the 360 version at £15 but the PS3 version is out of stock.

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p.s. not buying this because i thought the demo was rubbish

bloody hell, another game i have now brought.

thanks i guess?

i will be skint at this rate.

h n r


This is still available at this price ;-)

I picked this up today at Tescos in York for £15.47.

Games ok but for that price i cant complain.


bloody hell, another game i have now brought.thanks i guess?i will be … bloody hell, another game i have now brought.thanks i guess?i will be skint at this rate.h n r

where did you bring it from?

can anyone give me a quick review

thinking of buying, is it worth it ?

for forgot to mention that PC world price promise will knock this down too

Just ordered, thanks for the post. OMG HUKD has cost me a fortune this xmas

i love this game.
not everyones cup of tea, and not best possible graphics
but gameplay is heck of a lot of fun!


can anyone give me a quick review :)thinking of buying, is it worth it ?

It's definitely worth £15, even if it is short. You play a 'runner' in a bleak, 'bleached' futuristic city, leaping over buildings and escaping from the cops. Its simple controls and first-person view make the whole experience really immersive, more so than I've ever felt in a game.

When you leap miles off a tall crain onto a truck below, kick a door down, or grab for a drain pipe, you really feel it.

Combat's a bit ropey, but like I say, the sense of immersion is brilliant.

Thanks, I have been keeping an eye on this game since it came out.

Used my student discount so got it for £13.50, well worth a stab at this price.

yep its a wicked game. very short but you'll DEFINITELY get £15 worth of enjoyment and be set for the sequel which should fix a lot of the issues.

y'know that feeling you get in a game where you have to keep reloading and doing the same bit over and over again and you get more and more and more annoyed?

doesnt really happen in this. i actually enjoy being forced to do-it-again-and-do-it-properly cause it feels so damn spot-on when you get it right.

also, supporting new IP's with genuine new ideas is a good thing. buy it.

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i posted this sometime last week good to see the deal getting hot

Nope, when you add the game to your basket it shows 39.99 (for ps3) :x

Looks to be expired now back up to £39.99, saved myself £15:)

'Availability: back in stock in 21 days' DAMN!!


'Availability: back in stock in 21 days' DAMN!!

just gort it off Amazon for £14.99, it says £23.99 but if you go into used & new its £14.99 brand new off Amazon wierd!!::roll:


Damn just noticed its out of stock, never mind i dont mind waiting got 5 new games to play anyway

It's same price at tescos on ps3 and xbox360
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