Mirror's Edge PS3 £1.07 @ HMV

Mirror's Edge PS3 £1.07 @ HMV

Found 25th Feb 2011
Mirror's Edge for the PS3. Only £1.07!


This will get a bit warm i reckon!

would be rude not to at that price thinking of flogging my ps3 so an extra game wont hurt lol

Gonna get very hot.

thanks op well worth a go for that price

Not the greatest game but for the price its a bargain - ordered thanks

Great find OP

8.99 when you add to basket

Don't Like it

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8.99 when you add to basket

Not for me. I also got 10% NUS discount!

Expired - Now £17.99 good luck to those of us who managed to order.


£17.99 now. Glad I ordered as soon as I saw this.

£17.99 now

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Expired - Now £17.99 good luck to those of us who managed to order.Martin

Yep, sorry guys, the price is back up!

Showing as £17.99 when added to basket

price changed while I was changing my address

wait for thoes emails then i guess

look like a miss priced to me

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Mine has been sent, I hope others were just as lucky!

Mine has been sent also. Cheapest game I've ever bought.

Fair play to HMV. When an item is in stock, the turn around time is up there with the fastest on the net.

mine sent too

yeah mine sent too lol whats the trade in value like for it? lol

CeX stores sell: £5.00
CeX stores buy for cash: £2.00
CeX Stores give exchange value: £3.00

^ wow a nice 93p profit!
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