Mirrors Edge PS3 Preowned 2.99 Delivered @ Gameplay
Mirrors Edge PS3 Preowned 2.99 Delivered @ Gameplay

Mirrors Edge PS3 Preowned 2.99 Delivered @ Gameplay

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Not a bad game for the price!

Go easy on the cold votes please :-)

- Brodie4ever


It's not a bad game at any price (within reason!) It's certainly worth everybody trying. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to.

Agreed, hot deal

Good game, but stressed the hell out of me! So frustrating, Its definitely made my life a few years shorter.

2.98 instore in gamestation and game still....


Good game, excellent concept but a little too short and occasionally becomes a frustrating case of trial and error. Certainly worth playing at this price.

Gave it a go but just didnt enjoy it! Hot price tho

Got mine off of gamestation.

great game. although i did finish in one sitting (and i dont play games that much). 2.99 is a steal.

Original Poster


2.98 instore in gamestation and game still....

Yeah but I'm happy to pay the extra 1p and have it delivered and avoid the hassle of old-skool shopping thanks!

Played it on the PC gotta say, strangely I liked the mouse and keyboard for this. Think I'll buy it just to make my PS3 look like a more attractive package when I sell it.

Voted Hot!

"Not a bad game for the price! "

Understatement of the year, this game is worth x10 that.

Thanks, i'll give it a go

This is a great game... Apart from falling off rooftops..

Wwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooosssssh *splat*

Was the same price at Game a few months ago and I picked it up. Still very hot deal though.

Absolutely amazing game in my opinion although I can understand why some people don't like it. Once you get into doing the speedruns and time trials it's seriously fun (although rather frustrating at time!). Be sure to download the free 'Pure Time Trials' pack from the Playstation Store as well.


Many thanks

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I ordered too. Would be anti social of me not to at this price.

just Ordered, for £2.99 it would be rude not to. Thank's op. Hot

I've lost track of how many times Mirror's Edge has been posted as a deal on this site.

New copies have been less than a fiver for more than a year now

Yeah I know. I'm amazed this deal has got as hot as it has when deals for brand new copies at £5 barely even raise an eyebrow lol.

Ordered, been looking to increase the number of games I have. Thanks!!!!

I got one in Gamestation a few weeks ago for 2.98 and a Tiger Woods PGA Tour (2008 or 2009 cant remember which) for 99p and forgot all about them, will have to give them both a go. Thanks for the reminder

I got this from game when they were selling it for new for £2.99. Good concept game, but I got frustrated with not getting the moves right (as i'm pants at it!) so gave up. £2.99 for a game though, quality! Hot!

Ordered and heat added. Bargain.

great price. ordered. heat

Good game, ordered

Out of stock now

Found it and posted it again for £2.98 f
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