Mirrors edge pure time trials on psn

Mirrors edge pure time trials on psn

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Found 11th Jul 2009Made hot 13th Jul 2009
looking at the download content for mirrors edge and i discovered the time trials that usually cost £9.99 are on for free
not sure on xbox live or pc


Just had a look on the 360 and it's still 800 points on there.

Wishing i had bought it for the ps3 now :P

I've just checked, and can confirm this is true. Thanks for the spot!

Just downloaded free of charge! Thanks alot!

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im actually glad i got this for free, i got the xbox version of this game for free when i got my xbox it was a choice between it and fifa 09 and i got the dlc on xbox because of the points because i dont like using my card on digital stuff and i wasnt exactly keen on buying the same dlc twice

i downloaded this morning, was shocked when i saw it!, was thinking about paying for it aswel


absolutely immense. My platinum 85% complete looks ridiculous. Cant wait to complete this and glad i didn't buy it

Excellent! Like I wounder if it's a glitch or ment to be Free? It's not advertised anywhere on the Store as a Promotion? Very happy i'll be able to complete this a 100%! Rep and Heat!

glad its finally free, thought was ridiculous how they thought they could charge for it when the game was so short and this is just a level of random shapes
have some heat

so is this a standalone or add on?


so is this a standalone or add on?

As it says in the description, it is 'download content' or a DLC add-on for Mirrors Edge :thumbsup:

Not bad for free. Was always a joke at the RRP... Have it on 360 myself, why they think paying more for the DLC than it costs to get the game these days is acceptable I don't know.. Especially as someone has already said it is just a bunch of random shapes!

Hot :-D

Oh you might want to put in the title that it's free DLC

Downloaded this a couple of days ago, had a look around and all DLC for Resistance 1 is free as well (not sure if this has always been the case).

nice one downloading now:thumbsup:

it's not a glitch, it's a promotion good find!

Still active, adding heat and rep! Dunno if it's worth a tenner, but can't go wrong for free!
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