Mirrors Edge @ WH Smith In-Store £2.00
Mirrors Edge @ WH Smith In-Store £2.00

Mirrors Edge @ WH Smith In-Store £2.00

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Went into Belfast WH Smith on Saturday and noticed they also have a number of PS3 games ranging from £1 - £4 including Fifa 09, Fifa 08, PES 09 and Mirrors Edge. As well as a few xBox 360, PS2 and Wii Games - Picked myself up Dead Space Extraction (not sure on the other titles).

Not sure if it is all stores but I managed to get a few things one Being Mirrors Edge.

Hopefully someone will get a few cheap stocking filler if nothing else!


Strange game, but worth £2.

woth a punt at 2 quid

Good luck finding this but if ya do snap it up in an instant. I wasn't sold on the game when it was released but got it for £5 ages ago and was hooked.

Ya really feel like ya a free runner and the camara is great as ya see ya arms grabbing on and can look down and see ya feet etc. Completed it several times.

i can confirm this is in the Bradford store, marked up at £7 but scanned at £2.

this game is really poor trust me... wasn't worth the £3 I paid for it last week...

just my 10pence worth....

this game is awesome trust me.. well worth the £10 I paid for it a year or so ago.

a must play at this price just for the innovative graphics, the true sense of running and the music score.

Regardless of whether you liked it or not, it's only £2, will be worth £2 if you re-sell/exchange it (Gamestation £1 trade in beater for example) and is well worth a try. Some loved it others hated it (as we see above!).

Will be hard to find as many WHSmith in England don;t sell games anymore or only sell Top10 at most.

awesome game, cant wait for numero 2

The game is certainly a good deal at 2 quid

Only shame is it is another WHSmiths instore deal - so good luck finding a store that still stocks any games

In the Belfast store as we speak, seems to be a general sale on all entertainment items from £3 but as the OP eluded to, Mirrors Edge was £2 but missed the last copy just!!

There are a number of so-so titles on all formats, a few stocking fillers for the young ones such as Imagine Designer for £3(PC), Disney Sing It High School Musical 3 Edition £3(PS2), Warhammer Online: Age of Recoking £3(PC), Virtua Tennis 3 £1(PC), GTA 3 £1(PS2), FM2009 £2(PC), PES2009 £2 (PS3), WWE Smackdown v Raw 2009 £2(PS3)

There are various other DVD's and CD's but nothing of any note to me!!

I quite liked it, bought it for £4, traded it in after completion for £2, defo worth £2

i've only played it a few times, but it's definitely worth £2 by far!
very much heat added

Didn't really like the game - bought for £10, sold for £11. So ended up liking it.

If you can't find any in WH SMith (theyre selling of the last of their games) - you can find it pre-owned in HMV for £2. Picked up one today (new would have been nicer though of course).

This is one of the best games I have ever played! Hope they bring another out....
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