Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360) £2.99 delivered @ GAME (Today only!)
Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360) £2.99 delivered @ GAME (Today only!)

Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360) £2.99 delivered @ GAME (Today only!)

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In Edge City information is heavily monitored, and agile couriers called Runners live on the Mirror's edge, transporting sensitive data away from prying eyes. In this seemingly utopian paradise, a crime has been committed, your sister has been framed and now you are being hunted.


just ordered mine cant go wrong for 3 quid new.

EASILY worth £3, HOT.

Nice find, thanks.

Brilliant! £3 bargain.

Heat and Rep added got mine for 49p as had £2.50 reward points.

Dont forget top cash back 6% and you get 8p back in reward points aswell


Had £2.50 worth of reward points too so for less than 50p I thought it was worthy.
Thanks OP - Have some heat and rep.

Really enjoyed this game and deffo worth this amount.:thumbsup:

Just ordered a copy for my nephew. Thanks.:)

Thanks! Have ordered a copy, great deal.

Great deal, voted hot! The RRP made me chuckle though...

Order - thank you!

Nice one, looks like an interesting game and had £2.50 of points so 50p for me

Well spotted, H+R.

I didn't enjoy the demo, but there's no denying that's a great price.

Hot!!:thumbsup:. One of my favourite games on the 360:-D.

thats awesome just ordered thanks for that, rep _+ Hot

Great spot. Hot hotty hot!


shame the ps3 price isnt the same

At that price you would be crazy not to go for this!

Gutted I already own it, good game never got to play it much just keep buying more games, shall revisit it and give it a go!


This game is well worth a punt at 2.99... what an absolute steal :thumbsup:

I bought it for £10 a year ago and really enjoyed it (despite some frustrations). Really striking visual style and fantastic feeling of height and speed.

This is a very good game. Well worth the price of admission.

I paid £10 for it, and was chuffed to bits at paying that price

Cheaper than renting! Great deal. Hot!

paid £18 for this over a year ago and still on the first level..its soooo hard!!

Just came on here to post this.... :thumbsup:

I spent 2.50 points, so had a 49p cc charge. Cheapest game ever ...ooooh and 8p in points back so its a £2.91 game


This is going to get [COLOR="Red"]HOT[/COLOR]

I never planned to get this, but £2.99 might as well be nothing!

demo gave me motion sickness but will give it a try

hot as yer like

Thank you, have just ordered

I rented this game when it first came out and completed it in the week I had it..... it can be frustrating, but it was good fun, and it's something a little different - definitely worth revisiting for £2.99!



HELL kind of hot!! Have some heat % Rep. Ordered. Even if they screw up and send a preowned it's a pretty darn hot deal!

Thanks. Just ordered a copy for my boyfriend and am having it delivered to his house. Should be a nice little surpise for him.

Thanks OP - ordered - worth it at £2.99!!

having heard soo much on here about this game thought for £3 (del) why not

heat baby



Thanks OP - deal of the year so far!

ordered thank-you

Ordered, thanks


After playing the demo I must admit I was turned off by the finnicky controls and Parkour inspired action. But you would have to be really stingy to deny this is worth another go for the price.

Trying to order this, but on the payment screen the Continue button at the bottom is disabled.

Am I missing something??

Edit: Doh, hadn't saved the card details.
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