Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360) - £4.99 @ Gameplay

Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360) - £4.99 @ Gameplay

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Another cheap Mirror's Edge deal - £4.99 + quidco, free delivery

In a city where information is heavily monitored, agile couriers called Runners transport sensitive data away from prying eyes. In this seemingly utopian paradise, a crime has been committed, your sister has been framed and now you are being hunted.

You are a Runner called Faith - and this innovative first-person action-adventure is your story. Mirror's Edge delivers you straight into the shoes of this unique heroine as she traverses the vertigo-inducing cityscape, engaging in intense combat and fast paced chases. With a never before seen sense of movement and perspective, you will be drawn into Faith's world. A world that is visceral, immediate, and very dangerous. Live or die? Soar or plummet? One thing is certain, in this city you will learn how to run.


Is it any good?

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Is it any good?

It is good, ending song is also wicked - youtube.com/wat…qDk

its good on PS3 - i assume its similar on XBOX 360


Is it any good?

Well worth £4.99, anyway,

You can get 9% cashback if you buy it through game.co.uk

Didn't think this game was all that but at this price it is worth playing through.

Ordered, can't go too wrong for a fiver.

They'll soon be giving you money to take this game at the rate it's falling in price :-D


They'll soon be giving you money to take this game at the rate it's … They'll soon be giving you money to take this game at the rate it's falling in price :-D

Know what you mean. It bombed big time. Was £20 not long after release cos that's when I picked it up. Been a tenner at a few places for a while too.


Is it any good?

i didnt like it

Great game for those with brain cells.

Not a bad game at all, although a bit annoying in parts where it forces you to keep replaying a part you already mastered just so you can keep getting killed at the same point. Still, well worth a fiver.

I would have gone for this game - until I tried the demo. I found it frustrating and unenjoyable to play. Nicely stylish and different though.

Cracking game. Desperately hard though. Probably contributed to why it didn't sell so well. Games these days tend to be dumbed down for mass market consumption. People don't like difficult games anymore.

Thank you, saw this in tesco for a tenner and left it, gladly now.

Very good game and definitely worth getting at this price. Try the demo first if you're unsure.
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