Mirrors Edge - Xbox 360 & PS3 - £19.71 Tesco Instore + VAT BACK

Mirrors Edge - Xbox 360 & PS3 - £19.71 Tesco Instore + VAT BACK

Found 13th Dec 2008Made hot 13th Dec 2008
As it says on the tin £19.71 from my local tesco. Picked myself up a copy for the Xbox as its cheaper (with my staff discount ) than it is from play. For those that are too impatient to wait for mondays delivery then it is perfect.


Best Game in Years, Logan Run meets The Running Man....

Heard a lot of complaints about this game being too short, supposed to be fun though.

£19.24 after VAT reduction :thumbsup:

It is short.. I paid £25 for it but still think that was a reasonable price.
The story mode shoots past but if your like me, the speed run and timetrial modes will keep you busy for a lot longer.

Good deal, must be worth a punt at just under £20

Fantastic game, if you put in the time it rewards you with some of the most enjoyable and fresh gameplay in years.

will give it a go

I tried the demo but I found it to clunkier and less free flowing than the previews had made it look.

cheers mucker, got my copy. HnR added

Heat added...just picked up a copy from Tesco Extra in Doncaster. Price must already have VAT reduced as it scanned at £19.71.
Really didn't want this game (did not appeal and reviews were mixed) but the more I see it in action, the more I wanted to try it. For under £20 for a new title, it is worth a go.
Can always sell it on if it is not as good as I expect.

Worth noting that is is £19.99 on Play and Amazon if you miss this deal.

was in barry tesco this morning £39.99, both 360 and ps3



was in barry tesco this morning £39.99, both 360 and ps3

Same goes for Dunstable Tesco unfortunately.

Will check Hemel tomorrow.

Picked this up today for £19.71 in Stockton Extra store... bargain!

Heat added :thumbsup:

Read this and zoomed down to Tesco (Hayes Bulls Bridge) and purchased a copy..went through at £19.71.........not 100% sure yet, have played for an hour and the jury's still out..........:whistling:

Tempting as it was for £39.99 with 10% off in Woolies.. girlfriend is going to look for this tomorrow :-D

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Added to the topic that I also got my VAT back on it aswell. Didn't realise until reading my receipt.:whistling:


Thanks for the reminder cooper2085
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