Mirrors Edge XBOX360 £15.71 Del. Tesco
Mirrors Edge XBOX360 £15.71 Del. Tesco

Mirrors Edge XBOX360 £15.71 Del. Tesco

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Seems a good price. Possible 7% quidco too?

Age Rating 16+
Compatible With Xbox 360
Genre Game
Number of Discs 1
Release Date 14 November 2008
Secondary Genre Action
Synopsis There`s no looking back. In a city where information is heavily monitored, where crime is just a memory, where most people sacrifice freedom for a comfortable life, some choose to live differently. Puts you in the shoes of Faith, a Runner who must traverse the vertigo-inducing cityscape, engage in intense combat and fast-paced chases, and survive in this very dangerous world


Isn't it less in HMV?


Isn't it less in HMV?

quidco+clubcard points and next day delivery and a lot of people shop there so are likely to have vouchers lying around.:thumbsup:

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Isn't it less in HMV?

only on PS3. Still £39.99 for 360 version

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Why so many cold votes guys. If you know where its cheaper tell us. Thats the whole point of the forum.

Same price instore aswell.

Been this price instore since xmas:thumbsup:

I saw this last night and even took a photo of it. I came back home and saw it had already been posted..

at least I THOUGHT it was...

Voted hot - cheapest place to go pick the game up, especially when Game are trying to sell it for £34.99 pre-owned.

picked one up from stafford tesco, heat + rep added

This is a repost

OOS now.

It was £15.37 Instore when posted before (so this would probably be the same price with VAT reduction)


shockingly good price http://www.avatarjunkie.net/cimg/697e382cfd25b07a3e62275d3ee132b3.gif

Out of stock online. Game prices get reduced very early nowadays.

the price is not valid instore anymore went upto £38something at 3am when the system updated along with fifa 09,NFS undercover+dead space (last three where £24something) however a lot of stores are slow at changing display prices so you could still get it at that price even though it will scan at the new price,check your reciept if you get it instore!

Don't like Tesco but good deal, heat added

For those who did not want Mirrors Edge , but another more expensive game, you could have brought at Tesco then gone to Game, Game Station Etc....... with it still in the cellophane and then said it was an unanted present at xmas so you did not have a receipt but wanted a swap anyway and swapped it for another game at a higher price as Mirrors Edge was for sale in those shops for £34.99-£39.99. Minor Fraud I know, but they all make enough money anyway......

This game is utter tripe!
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