Misfits Series 1 - 3 DVD Boxset - £14 INSTORE at Sainsbury's.

Misfits Series 1 - 3 DVD Boxset - £14 INSTORE at Sainsbury's.

Found 3rd May 2012
Spotted instore today. Still showing as £25.99 on their website. Next cheapest is £22 from Amazon and HMV. Can't see any other way of buying them individually cheaper than this. Series 3 currently going for £11.95 on its own.

When five teenage outsiders get caught in a freak storm while on community service they suddenly find themselves with strange superpowers.
Hard-as-nails Kelly finds she can read minds, disgraced sporting hero Curtis can turn back time, party-girl Alisha can send people into a sexual frenzy with one touch and painfully shy Simon can turn invisible. At first smart-alec Nathan is miffed he is the only one who doesn't have a power until he discovers what it is. Then some of the other townsfolk, including cocky Rudy, discover they've also been affected by the storm.

Unlike their more conventional counterparts, our misfits don't swap their mobile phones and ankle tags for capes and tights. Instead, they discover just how tough life can be when you're all that stands between good and evil.

Special Features

Series 1: Behind the scenes, Simon's films, The making of Misfits
Series 2: The making of Misfits, Shooting Misfits, Behind the scenes, Online films
Series 3: Vegas Baby, Graffiti World, Behind the Scenes, On set with Misfits, Stunts and Special Effects featurette, Visual Effects featurette
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Didn't buy it, didn't know how cheap it was until I did the price comparison when I got home. It's part of their "UK TV Boxset" campaign, so should be national. (I didn't have time to ask the manager about his family, life goals and hopes for the future etc, sorry!)
I was just kidding, as it always makes me laugh when people claim they've spoken to a supermarket manager to confirm whether a DVD or something is available in other stores. As if!
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