Misprice? Hex season 2 Boxset £4.95
Misprice? Hex season 2 Boxset £4.95

Misprice? Hex season 2 Boxset £4.95

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Released: 6th March 2006
Region: 2

A teenage girl becomes aware of her strange new powers and of her legacy. Her future is unclear as forces good and evil fight to make her their own. Her destiny is in her own hands. 13 episodes. Supernatural thriller.

(Thanks to Fisher 36 on Rpoints...)


is this place repuatable never heard of them going for £17.99 buy now on ebay

3% quidco:giggle: - got me two antoher xmas pressie sorted the way im going its nearly over


is this place repuatable never heard of them going for £17.99 buy now on … is this place repuatable never heard of them going for £17.99 buy now on ebay

Never used them but I think they are reputable as I noticed they made an appearance in one of the recent issues of MCV magazine (Market for Computer & Videogames) .

Yeah I think they're fine, we've had quite a few deals over the past while come up with them and I haven't seen any complaints.


Thanks, looks like a good price. :thumbsup:

I've ordered CDs from them before and had no problems.

Arse! Paid £18 for this on Amazon about 6 weeks ago. :shock: (And at the time even that was cheap).

Out of stock now - back in stock in 1 to 4 weeks.

Good spot funnymoney. Voted HOT!

Original Poster

Don't thank me, thank web programmers with clumsy fingers :thumbsup:

...And Fisher36 from Rpoints :-D

It's not a misprice - they regularly have great DVDs for £4.95. For example they have all three series of Alexei Sayle's "Stuff" for £4.95 each - which a couple of weeks ago was WAY cheaper than anywhere else (cheapest elsewhere for Series 3 was £11-something).

Stock Pending,
Normally re-stocked in 1-4 Weeks

Gutted :-( :-( :-(

oh no i really love Hex and wanted this..

damn out of stock suxx :-( i seen them all anyway and not really worth buying the dvd at the average price imo but at a fiver i would of got me a copy :-D

can we have an expired please just got an email from them already

my two are on back order depsite me ordering 2 mins after first post

probably will never get them:-(

yep, back ordered here as well :-(

Hi Guys,

Just a quick note to say the Hex 2 Boxset was not a scam but a genuine first come first served deal. 200 are going out today and another 200 on Monday and that's the last of the cheap lot so well done to all those who bagged a bargain.

(Although I still don't see the point of buying 10 like some people did because surely if you know the market is flooded by us with such a low price the re-sale value on Ebay won't be worth the hassle because everyone will already have a cheap copy)

I'd appreciate it if all the people that doubted us and/or ordered multiple copies could post to let people know when their order is dispatched and that we are a genuine and honest company.

All the best,


PS Anyone that is really happy with their bargain, feel free to sing our praises on the forums, it's nice to get good feedback and feel noticed and appreciated because we are not a big greedy company, we do this because we love it and want to give people an independent alternative to the bigger companies or copycat sites.


Just to confirm that they HAVE honoured that price and sent my order. Nice one guys. Top points to Foxy. Thanks guys

Ps. PLEASE fix that "contact us"
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