Misprice?? White Stripes Icky Thump - £3.75
Misprice?? White Stripes Icky Thump - £3.75

Misprice?? White Stripes Icky Thump - £3.75

Buy forBuy forBuy for£3.75
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New white stripes album - icky thump

£3.75 delivered

also quidco


Why cold? is it dodgy?

I've ordered it, fingers crossed I get it for that price. Voted hot!

People should be voting it hot!


I've ordered it, fingers crossed I get it for that price. Voted hot!

Absolute snip at that price......ordered.:)

Why would anyone vote this cold? - I'll heat it up a bit :thumbsup:

anyone else havnig probs using their cc for this? keeps saying address doesn't match - use this card all time and haven't had any problems..

strange why this is cold! looks like an absolutely scorching hot price to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

:-D I've just bought it quidco tracked it straight away ... and got and email saying it was being processed ... works out at £3.55 ... i'd say that was pretty hot ... if it comes.

Great deal thanks. just ordered. Voted HOT

excellent price, awful album

awful album? heard that it was pretty good, ordered anyway, probably get more on fleabay if its rubbish!

hang on a sec, isnt this just the single? there are other White Stripes singles on there at £3.75 with the RRP at £5.99.

i agree with dogvilledan

its just the single


i agree with dogvilledanits just the single

looks like it for this price.

And if your wanting to listen to the song and see the video, Its on Youtube!!

I ordered this earlier today thinking nice one ... looked at the email they sent me, its got the single code on it ... Product ID: XLS277CD ... ive emailled them to cancel ... the picture they have got up is the album cover though ... the tossers ... Mark:?

£3.75 and it's just the single? cold, cold cold

Yes, confirmed that it is the single, called the number on their website and they cancelled no problem.

IMO this site is a scam, every now and again they put a misprice up on the site. A few days later they send out emails saying it was a mistake etc. They do it to get traffic to their site.

People should really click expired/spam just in case anyone misses the point that its only a single, rather than just voting cold...

I've expired it:thumbsup:

God i feel like a total prat now. It just turned up and i didnt realise it was the single as i never read the comments. Typical!

My delivery has just turned up, with me expecting the album as that was the artwork on the site at the time of order, however as we all now know, it's the single. Think we've (i've) been duped!!!!

and the links on their website for contact us and returns doesn't work either...
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