Miss Marple Collection  4 DVD  Box Set  £13.99  (RRP £32.99)

Miss Marple Collection 4 DVD Box Set £13.99 (RRP £32.99)

Found 30th Mar 2007
Good price for this HMV Exclusive Box Set.

Agatha Christie's most famous protagonist, Miss Marple, comes to life in this classic series of films starring Margaret Rutherford as the amateur detective who always seems to be in the right place at the right time when it comes to solving murders.

Murder She Said
When Miss Marple witnesses a murder on a passing train carriage the lack of a body means the police won't take her story seriously. Of course, she begins her own investigation. The killing took place while the train was passing Ackenthorpe Hall, so Miss Marple poses as a domestic to get a job there, mixing cleaning and cooking while searching for clues to track down the killer.

Murder At The Gallop
Miss Marple suspects foul play when a wealthy old recluse, Mr Enderby, dies of a heart attack. As always, Miss Marple has her doubts about the nature of the death - what triggered Mr Enderby's fatal collapse? As his significantly poorer relatives (including Oscar nominees Robert Morley and Flora Robson) gather at The Gallop, a combined boarding house and riding school, Miss Marple also arrives on the scene determined to discover whether any of them had a particular reason to see him dead?

Murder Ahoy
Jane Marple is a trustee overseeing a fund used to rehabilitate young criminals. When one of her fellow trustees is murdered, Miss Marple goes aboard the ship that is used to train the youngsters in her search for information. Despite the distress of the Captain at her presence, our heroine's investigations mean she stumbles across yet more murders and also a society of thieves.

Murder Most Foul
After hearing all the evidence as a juror at the trial of a man charged with a murder set within a theatrical troupe, Miss Marple is not convinced that the police have got the killer. As the only member of a jury who has faith in the defendant's innocence, she joins the troupe to gather evidence that might lead her to the identity of the real culprit.

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