missy kissy interactive doll £5 off - Smyths - £19.99

missy kissy interactive doll £5 off - Smyths - £19.99

Found 22nd Oct 2013
I have been scouring the net for a doll for santa to bring my little girl as she wanted one that talked and walked and weed and dinks and closes it eyes when it goes to sleep.

I considered the baby born one posted on here but she is only 3 (my little girl.....not baby born) and the reviews about it being difficult and complicated put me off but this one does almost everything she wants and the reviews seem generally positive. Also santa doesnt want to spend £40 or £50 on a baby annabelle and put his elves to all that effort if she doesnt pick it up again after xmas day!

obviously it is free to collect or £2.99 std delivery. There is also a £5 off £20 voucher on here (primary5off) if you are ordering any other bits, I have been looking for the minecraft annual as a gift and smyths are doing BOGOF on annuals so added 2 to bring it over £20

*Exclusive to Smyth's Toys* Missy Kissy is a fun interactive talking 38cm doll that asks for a kiss and then she gives one in return. Missy Kissy asks to be fed, burped, put on her potty and played with. Once a child feeds the doll with the included bottle, the doll will release all the liquid only when it sits on the potty. In addition, the doll will play a song and sounds when on the potty. Missy Kissy also has sleepy eyes that close shut when she is placed down for bedtime. A lullaby plays when you give her her dummy.

> Baby Bottle
> Potty
> The doll will play a song and sounds when on the potty
> Sleepy eyes that close shut when she is placed down for bedtime
> A lullaby plays when you give her her dummy
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Bought this for my little girls 2nd birthday a few weeks ago. Have to say I was very impressed for money and my 4&3 year old boys and little girl have all enjoyed playing with it. The only downside is american accent x
thanks, i read that in one of the reviews but the rest seemed fairly good so hopefully she'll like it
Last year in the November sale @ smyths I got this doll for £12:99. It's good quality and my daughter loved it
My 2.5 year old has this doll...She likes it. Downsides for us: the bottle is very hard,so she can't squeeze it by herself,the doll is a bit heavy and the accent(potty-party)lol.Anyway heat added,great price.
We bought my daughter this last Christmas when she was 4 1/2 as she saw it on tv. We got it at a good price and we thought it was excellent! It moves it's head and alsorts! However to this day she is still scared of it and won't go anywhere near it! Lol she has overly sensitive hearing though so could be connected to that. But it's a great doll at that price!
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