Mister Maker Doodle Drawers Bumper Craft Kit (1500 piece) £10.99 Fulfilled Amazon

Mister Maker Doodle Drawers Bumper Craft Kit (1500 piece) £10.99 Fulfilled Amazon

Found 4th Nov 2012
Mister Maker branded craft items
Based on the No.1 rated Cbeebies show
Everything included to make item shown in the picture
Great gifts for your little ones
Suitable for all children aged 3 years +

Every Mini Maker needs a set of Doodle Drawers. Like Mister Maker's, this creative drawer has just about everything you'll need to get creative. The Doodle Drawers box is crammed full of products for making a host of crafty items- hours of creative fun are guaranteed. The kit contains a sturdy flood coated box packed full with crafty goodies - it comes packed with an incredible 1500 pieces including pom-poms, lolly sticks, pipe cleaners, fibre pens, glue sticks and much more. Also includes instructions for 4 great projects, or let your imagination run wild and invent your own ideas. Contents may vary. Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months.
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only 15p cheaper than Amazon, and read this

The contents vary from the rather nice looking photo on the Amazon page. I received in my box - a packet rub on grey motifs which say things like 'Happy Anniversary' and 'On Your Christening Day'. Not very appropriate for preschoolers. 10 pieces of A4 very poor quality coloured paper folded badly in half to make them fit in the box. The box itself is not much bigger than half A4 size. 4 very poor quality black and white colouring in jungle scenes. A very small packet of very small pom poms. A small 10g very poor quality glue stick. A pack of 10 sheets of tissue paper.
2 tiny rectangles of foam (yellow and brown).A pack of 10 of the cheapest looking imaginable 'fibre pens' aka felt tips. 12 of the thinest looking pipe cleaners I've ever seen in my life. 5 plain wood large lollipop sticks and 5 plain small lollipop sticks. A packet of silver glitter. A packet of number alphabet confetti.

It's so awful I can't quite put it into words but please don't buy it. It's beyond terrible.

I was tempted to get this a few days ago, however, after reading the reviews I am going to give it a miss
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