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BetterYou DLUX Oral Spray 15ml £3.99 @ Mistrys
Cheapest on the UK net I can find (£3.99), no postage if >£43 (I ordered 11 for my twins). They both get 1 spray a day, i.e. 1000iu. Pass this on to anyone you know with a baby.
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Vitamin D properties? It is vitamin D. What a bizarre assertion. Each … Vitamin D properties? It is vitamin D. What a bizarre assertion. Each 14ml Spray contains:Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 1000IU/25ug - 500% of your EC Recommended Daily AllowanceAs for being "madness", perhaps you'd like to do some research before making such pronouncements. Irresponsible? Oh, so what bad thing happens to qualify for this term?Daylight does not contain all the vit D, this is the northern hemisphere, light is very weak.It cannot be relied up 365 days a year.Oh well, I suppose you feel you know best.Speaking of irresponsible:http://www.greenhealthwatch.com/newsstories/newsvitd3/vitd-babies-deficient.htmNo idea why this is being voted cold, if you don't like product that's fine, however I thought this was a vote on how good the deal was. This is the best price I can find on the net. You don't find me voting deals cold for kripy kreme donuts, even though they are full of poison. Very odd.

One of the properties of the spray is that it contains Vitamin D3; you need to obtain a finer grasp of the english language if you lack the ability to work something as simple as that out.

Vitamin D3 in a bottle - whatever next.

Got to say never had this when I was a kid and I never got rickets.
The European set recomended daily amount is 5µg or 200IU. You are feeding your child the upper limit for a 0 to 6 month child as set out in the American dietary reference intake thats 25µg. I would seriously think about lowering their dose as they will also be getting it from other sources.
You could get your RDA from eating fish or take a spoonful of codliver oil once a month as that has about 90µg per tablespoon.
Also daylight doesn't contain any vitamin D. Ultra violet light as found in sunlight promotes Vitamin D synthesis in the skin

Voted cold as it's like all other supliments only required if you have a known deficiency
Edited by: "trog0" 11th Feb 2011

Gosh - never had this when my kids were babies, I don't know how they managed to survive! reading all these scary stories about vitamin D defficiency, come to think it's amazing that the human race is around at all without this...duh.
Just give your kids a decent balanced diet of healthy food and some fresh air and sunlight - if you are that worried about it reseach foods rich in vitamin D, there are plently, instead of buying this muck.

Could you not just leave your kids on the sunbed for an hour or so?

Poisonous Krispy Kreme?

An irresponsible statement.


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