Mitchum roll on 150 ml and deodrant 100ml at £1.50 @ asda

Mitchum roll on 150 ml and deodrant 100ml at £1.50 @ asda

Found 16th Mar 2010

Been to asda today and noticed they got the mitcum roll on and deodrant at £1.50 usully £2.50+. Roll on is 150 ml.

Hope this is a good deal for someone it was for me.



Lol, great pic.

Does it smell like a sweaty ashtray :whistling:

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I dont kno if it smells like ash tray and how the pic got it on thread. I was told that they are quite good. Can someone tell me ho to change the picture as i did not ipload that pic.

Mitchum used to be great, but recently it just doesn't seem to work so well. certainly not up to the 24/48 hours they claim - other stuff still works fine, so it's not just me being a smelly sod.
Have stopped using it.

As sburley says, it used to be outstanding in comparison to others, and the best thing was the fact that it was unscented so you coud use a bit of Mitchums and a dab of old spice without the fear of being mistaken for a bag of pot-pourri!?!

Not used it of recent... Nowhere to go!
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