Mitre Precision Saw Kit - £7 (was £14.99) @ Woolworths !

Mitre Precision Saw Kit - £7 (was £14.99) @ Woolworths !

Found 9th Feb 2008
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A must-have for any keen carpenter and handyman, this Mitre Precision Saw Kit boasts six pre-set angles and two interchangeable blades for all your cutting needs.


6 pre-set angles: 90°, 45°, 36°, 22.5° and 15° right and left
2 interchangeable saw blades for wood and metal cutting
Material vice clamp
Cutting-depth regulator
Screw holes for bench mounting
Scale for quick reading of length
Easily converts to conventional handsaw
Maximum cutting depth of 113mm
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I got one of these from woolies for a tenner a few years back - been really good.

I got one of these last year about March time it took weeks before I could pick it up in store and I am sure I paid about £6 back then, although I could be wrong it wasnt much different in price than this one.

I have only used it once to cut some beading but going to use it soon for laminate flooring for the beading
Many thanx for this, just ordered one, and the 2 drawer tool chest, which I thought was good value at 12.50, should of been £25.00.

I have had one of these before from B&Q and it was cack, so hopefully this will be better.

Thanx again.
Thanks guys
Does anyone know if this is long enough to cut laminate flooring at a 45 degree angle? The gap between the two red parts in the picture doesn't look very big.
i bought this last year oot of woolies got it home and it snapped within the first week it wasnt very strong !

Buying ultra cheap tools is false economy.

Buyer beware.
O.K for slicing LARD!!!
buy cheap, buy cheapo, thow it in the f*cking bin a day later
Have to agree with the 'don't buy cheap'.

I bought an identicle one from Homebase to build a frame and after about 15 cuts the plastic stays on top of the metal poles snapped making it pretty much useless. Took it back and, as luck would have it, I only needed to do a total of 16 mitre cuts.
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