Mixr on ear beats headphones £90 / £93.95 delivered @ Greatofferstore

Mixr on ear beats headphones £90 / £93.95 delivered @ Greatofferstore

Found 20th Dec 2017
Mixr on ear headphones to be had for £90. Different beats headphones have been offered via this site but not these. Also for sale are studio and solo headphones at great prices. I am aware not everyone is a fan of beats but there is no denying these are good prices.
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I can also add that I have bought from this site without any problems whatsoever, always receive a confirmation email followed by a dispatch mail.
They look like kids headphones. For £90.
I have these exact ones, had them for a number of years and no problems. I bit weighty due to being made of metal.
The same headphones are £179.99 on amazon.
May I add a warning about this shop- I bought some items from there which I've been waiting a month for. Were sent in two boxes. First box arrived fine but second box hasn't arrived at all. One response to an email, eventually, after 2 weeks but nothing been heard for a good few days now. No tracking number. No phone number. Will unfortunately have to put in a claim for breach of contract.
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Please unexpire still available.
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