Mizuno MP-5 Golf Irons RRP £800,Now £449.99 @ ClubhouseGolf

Mizuno MP-5 Golf Irons RRP £800,Now £449.99 @ ClubhouseGolf

Found 16th Sep 2017
Don't see many golf deals on here. Thought i'd share this as I think it's a good deal. They have a few other sets on sale - Nike Vapor etc.

Mizuno MP-5 Golf Irons
Blade Like Performance With Cavity Forgiveness

The MP-5 sits neatly between Mizuno’s classic blades and smaller players cavities.
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Lovely, lovely clubs. Heat from me!
I occasionally get dragged out to the course, and use a 3rd hand, 1/2 set of Mizuno clubs; I agree with the above, they are lovely clubs, although you have to remember, if you are a terrible golfer, better clubs wont make you a better golfer.

With a 7 Iron I can get 70-90m

With a 5 Iron I can get 70-90m

With a 1 iron I can get 70-90m

With a PUTTER I can get 70-90m!!!

Having said that, I once saw a guy give up on his clubs and get a hockey stick out of his bag!!

The above is NOT a joke, just in case a certain poster with no sense of humour gets confused.
These are lovely clubs, but not ones to use if you are just starting out.
Mmmm, shiny. Really like my MX200s...not sure the Missus would allow! Enjoy!
I was told never to buy new, there's so many good clubs 2nd hand - don't be the one buying new!
Hot deal, Mizuno are lovely clubs, but worth pointing out only 4-PW, so only 7 irons in the set. Probably only me that will miss the 3 iron, but nonetheless....
Stick to my Ben Hogans!
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