Mizuno MX-17 Irons (Steel, 4-SW) - Reduced from £249.00 to £169.00 @ American Golf Discount Store

Mizuno MX-17 Irons (Steel, 4-SW) - Reduced from £249.00 to £169.00 @ American Golf Discount Store

Found 30th Jul 2008
Awesome clubs for higher handicap player!


The Mizuno MX-17 irons combine a high flying utility based long iron, with solid shorter irons to deliver a set of unparalleled ease of use and forgiveness.

The wrap around pocket cavity is Mizunos widest ever, creating a centre of gravity deep enough to forgive strikes from a large area on the clubface.

A one piece construction through the set and a thicker face in the hitting zone add a satisfyingly solid feel at impact.

Progressive offset and draw bias throughout the set complete Mizuno's most forgiving model.

Quality golf irons like the Mizuno MX-17 Irons (Steel, 4-SW) make golf shot accuracy much easier and help the golfer to achieve lower golf scores. The Mizuno MX-17 Irons (Steel, 4-SW) offer superb reliability and give the golfer trust in their golf irons.

With the Mizuno MX-17 Irons (Steel, 4-SW), golfers can play the golf shots that they want to with golf irons that are designed specifically for their golf game.

The Mizuno MX-17 Irons (Steel, 4-SW) have the performance and quality that comes with any established golf irons brand. The Mizuno MX-17 Irons (Steel, 4-SW) feature the latest in golf irons technology and are dedicated to golf iron shot consistency and superb golf iron feel.
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Added retailer name to your title Thanks for your post!
I piad £219 from american golf in the january sale, so this is a real bargin

yeah good price for what is meant to be a very forgiving and easy-to-hit set of irons
Had my first round with these clubs...really impressed!
These clubs are not being produced by Mizuno any more hence the discount. If you are looking for a set of quality clubs I suggest you get some before they sell out
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