M&M's 365g box £0.99p instore @ Farmfoods

M&M's 365g box £0.99p instore @ Farmfoods

Found 22nd Dec 2016Made hot 22nd Dec 2016
National. Eat 'em all.


£1 per 100g is a rule of thumb for chocolate.

If I eat anymore I'll rattle.... and I'm starting to look like the big yellow guy.... on a good day

I've still got 3x 1kg bags left from the Iceland deal recently. Is that going to stop me going to Farmfoods? Of course not

crispy m&m's are the best in my opinion. blue all the way baby

These were 75p at Tesco last year post-Xmas, but they're a bargain at a pound, for sure. Hot!

Damn You!!! I'd just forgiven myself for eating the last Kilo I got and swore no more.! Off to FARMFOODS NOW ;-(

They're £2 in Poundland

Good price!
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