M&M's ,Maltesers ,M&M Peanuts , Minstrels and Revels 3 for £3 @ Asda

M&M's ,Maltesers ,M&M Peanuts , Minstrels and Revels 3 for £3 @ Asda

Found 12th Feb 2010Made hot 12th Feb 2010
Tottenham Hale Asda Living has all these bags of sweets @ 3 for £3.

also High school musical beach towel reduced to @ £1


Only the choc m&m's in the offer, the peanut ones are 3 for £4 Boo!

Also in Asda at Newton Abbot (Devon)

ignore me,

if you can read this you have a deluded imagination

what about the crispy ones?

Lol! I love how you throw in the beach towel as an extra. :-D

This is more evidence that HDUK's topics listings need a serious refresh - people don't know where to put things, you get games in 'Computers', 'Electricals' and 'Entertainment', and evidently we can expect food to move out of just 'Groceries or 'General Deals' too.

what how is this entertainment

Wish they sold peanut BUTTER M&M's in this country.........they're yummy!!!

These are the "smaller" larger packs if you know what i mean

Bargain :-D

Rubbish offer looked today and they are the smaller packs

Confirmed these are the large packs retailing at £1.74 each
and peanut m&m's included
Bought some last night
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