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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus + 32GB (SIM-free) inc. wireless charger - £594.99 at MobiCity
-149° Expired
Posted 22nd Aug 2015Posted 22nd Aug 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus + 32GB (SIM-free) inc. wireless charger - £594.99 at MobiCity£594.99
Best price I've seen so far for unlocked handset, £5 cheaper than current Carphone Warehouse prices. 32Gb model - £594.99 (CPW selling for £599.99 and Samsung selling for £749.00)… Read more

Link and will the device work in uk without any problems


Not sure why this is so cold. Clearly the best price. Can understand arguments about preferring to buy from cpw, but just buy this on a credit card and you're well protected.


Just got a 64gb Galaxy Note 5 from T dimension Hong Kong 4 day delivery to the UK using TNT express for £523.


I always claim direct from retailer under sales of goods act as this is up to 6 years dependant on circumstances. I've never claimed from manufacturer direct as its too much hassle. This is why I put more importance on retailer than price.


I agree with this to an extent, as I prefer to deal with better-known (and presumably more reputable?) companies as a general rule, especially when parting with 'significant' money. That said, as long as the phone is 'legit', then after the initial retailer return period expires (usually just after you use the phone for the first time), then the manufacturer warranty (and insurance policy) become your new safeguards for the reminder of your ownership of the handset (or 2 years warranty period for Samsung). I agree that if you receive the handset with any problems, you're more likely to get it sorted satisfactorily with one of the better-known suppliers. Good price though, especially with the package offer! :-)

One Plus 2 £295.99 @ Mobicity
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Posted 13th Aug 2015Posted 13th Aug 2015
One Plus 2 £295.99 @ Mobicity£295.99
oneplus 2 scam... i think?
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It is coming from Gearbest. Check it out on site. There is a clue in just been posted to me.....................opposed to having received it......


The OnePlus 2 you received from MobiCity, is it the Chinese version then?


Just been posted to me. I understand that they may come via their European warehouse to avoid import duties etc. Might be wrong, however other phone i had just get delivered - no duties as pack tends to be marked 'battery' Catch a flash sale and the price drops to 179 dollars.


Did you have to pay duties etc? Is it the international version? Thanks


Main Features: For CHINESE ONE. Display: 5.5 inch IPS OGS 2.5D Arc Screen, 1920x1080 pixels CPU: MTK6752 Octa Core, 1.7GHz GPU: Mali-T760 OS: Android 5.1 RAM+ROM: 3GB+ 16GB SIM Card: Dual SIM dual standby, Micro SIM and Standard SIM Camera: 5.0MP front camera, 13.0MP back camera with flashlight and auto focus Networks: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz 4G: FDD-LTE 800/1800/2100/2600MHz Unlocked for Worldwide use. Please ensure local area network is compatible. click here for Network Frequency of your country. Please check with your carrier/provider before purchasing this item.

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual Sim Black £116.73 Mobicity
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Posted 29th Jun 2015Posted 29th Jun 2015
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual Sim Black £116.73 Mobicity£116.73
Looking to jump from android to wp and waited for this to drop a bit!

Agree with @seejaythinks that the CC-3090 is a great cover ( however personally prefer the front open therefore also purchased the following clear hard cover which for the price is perfect ( also for my Lumia 930 have an heavy duty cover with kickstand which is perfect however it does make it very bulky therefore not gone for that for the Lumia 640 XL.


They rider from China/HK to their 'warehouse' before sending them to you via UL courier. No custom sting. I got the original case (Orange) CC-3090 for £15. The nip on the case is minimal, so phone will sit flush on back. Just waiting to pick it up when DPD delivers tomorrow!


No Custom charges for me... 40% battery usage in 24 hours. Wish there was more onboard storage. Never keen on memory cards Phone doesnot sit flush on the desk due to the camera sticking out. Not as bad as a 1020, but still annoying. Anyone recommend a decent premium case that solves this


did any of you guys that bouigth one get hit wit the customs charge or not...?


Agree, personally I switched from iPhone two years ago and been very happy however could really do with a good new flagship and based on rumours there is one due to be out within next few months. Number of people in the family and at work have the Lumia 640 XL and though is a midrange unit it is very impressive.

Huawei-Ascend-Mate 7 black £206.84 @ Mobicity
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Posted 25th Jun 2015Posted 25th Jun 2015
Huawei-Ascend-Mate 7 black £206.84 @ Mobicity£206.84
Super Phone. Great price. 6" screen note for everyone. Even then this phone is excellent value for money. £206.84 includes delivery 2-5 days. The body of the phone is not really mu… Read more
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cool, have huawei done any OTA android updates I.e. lollipop?


, bought from amazon UK, is UK version, only one sim card slot


According to the reviews on trustpoint, the website is given a score of 5.9/10. So, best to check the reviews before buying.


According to the reviews on trustpoint, the website is given a score of 5.9/10. So, best to check the reviews before buying.


Samsung galaxy S6 32gb £449.11 @ Mobicity
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Posted 5th Jun 2015Posted 5th Jun 2015
Samsung galaxy S6 32gb £449.11 @ Mobicity£449.11
Saw this while looking around after seeing the Amazon deal. Delivered in 1-2 days: "Buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB 4G LTE Android Smartphone, unlocked and with 12 months warranty.… Read more

Typo in my first post, meant to say PayPal.


Sorry MSE or Money Saving Expert aka Martin Lewis. Basically the credit card company is also responsible for the debt under section 75.


what does mse and section 75 mean please?


what is mse cover?


I'm not sure I'd just go ahead and just purchase without asking a few questions first. Is it a European model? Does it come with a Samsung warranty? It states on there website either manufacture warranty or their warranty. Even then I'd purchase on a credit card to make sure I'd get section 75 cover. Just a note, according to MSE you don't get section 75 cover paying through papal.

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB In Black for £466.42 at mobicity
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Posted 27th May 2015Posted 27th May 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB In Black for £466.42 at mobicity£466.42
good price for a very good phone

Hi, yes! Writing from it now :) I took it to a Samsung support centre and they said it's 100% genuine and registered, so I am very happy with it !


hi, did you receive your phone?


Check Samsung active. Than you will can iPhone Sam. It's iPhone copy Samsung first. IPhone copy Samsung tab 7 inches size. IPhone copy 5 inches size. IPhone copy 4.7 inches size Actually even apple name was a copy from another company. Please stop with the b.**** who copy who


I ordered galaxy s5 from expedite electronics came within 5 days and was UK version perfect working order


I just ordered one for £418 from the italian seller, when it arrives I'm planning to take it to a samsung store and ask if they could check if it is genuine or not. Hopefully it will be all right, for this price it is very good deal!

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Lumia 640 dual sim Matte Black £115.79 from Mobicity
319° Expired
Posted 22nd May 2015Posted 22nd May 2015
Lumia 640 dual sim Matte Black £115.79 from Mobicity£115.79
Phone is £111.80 and cheapest carrier charge is £3.99 i believe. I don't need 4G but do need dual sim so this was a deal for me. Lets hope it turns up :-) Like this minus the L… Read more

thanks again, I was just sceptical of getting stung by customs etc but seems the only consideration is to expect a longer delivery timescale! that's the trend with online reviews is long delivery times


It took a week I think. I was surprised as I was expecting up to 14 days. I did pay the extra for a speedier delivery £6 if i recall correctly. I would have no issue with dealing with them again.


thanks for reply, sounds cool, how long did it take between order > delivery?


No vat/duty etc ! I think they may ship to a UK warehouse then forward on.


did you get stung for VAT / duty? just eyeing up some phones but wanted to ask a few previous customers as their website has VAT Inc/exc prices

Nokia Lumia 640 LTE DUAL SIM @ Mobicity
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Posted 18th May 2015Posted 18th May 2015
Nokia Lumia 640 LTE DUAL SIM @ Mobicity£119.99
I know there are upgrades with better deals, but I think this is not a bad one either considering it's the LTE, dual SIM model. Also available in blue and orange in the same websi… Read more
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Tis indeed, what a shame that it has been changed as the 4G at less would have been great, still a cracking phone and still worth having if you have THREE all you can gobble data on 3.5G at 44mb ;-)


The normal battery covers are glossy, apart from the black version. However, they do an official flip shell which replaces the battery cover and adds a screen protection flap. These are all matte regardless of the colour choice... Unfortunately they don't do it in white. Link here


If it's not the LTE model then I'm out.


Anyone know if there is a Matt White version of this phone?? I like the look of the white one but not a fan of glossy white.


They have changed it since this morning. Luckily I still had the tab open. I should change my vote from hot to cold. The 3G dual-sim version is cheaper at (£110 for the Blue or White versions with 2-3 day UPS delivery included). They probably didn't realise that there are two different versions of the Lumia 640 Dual SIM, and just posted the details for the LTE version. [img][/img] [img][/img]

Xiaomi Hongmi/Redmi Note 4G for £139.12 at mobicity  New Simfree
64° Expired
Posted 4th May 2015Posted 4th May 2015
Xiaomi Hongmi/Redmi Note 4G for £139.12 at mobicity New Simfree£139.12
cheapest so far

I'm also travelling India haven’t seen any phone stores that have anything other than samsung etc, infact 1 guy told me they only have Chinese phones online? Im off to china in a couple of weeks tho so makes sense to wait anyway.


The 4G on this only works with 3 and EE, it's also available for less than £100 buying direct from China or you'll get the 16GB dual sim version for the same money ( although with the slim possibility of being stung by Customs)


Can't agree more, people become lowlifes just because they buy a phone?


Your comment says more about you than those who buy them.


heat. this is a decent handset with great specs and build for not much money

HTC One M8 16GB Red New Sim free for £304.31 at mobicity
-75° Expired
Posted 4th May 2015Posted 4th May 2015
HTC One M8 16GB Red New Sim free for £304.31 at mobicity£304.31
good value for htc one m8

vodafones recent deal was a load of bs though so this is no different really.. another dodgy website


£148 at cell-plaza


Do people really not research previous prices before they post "deals"...

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB 4G £549.98 @ MoniCity
Posted 10th Apr 2015Posted 10th Apr 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB 4G £549.98 @ MoniCity£549.98
Newly release samsung s6 Plus VAT, the TOTAL is £549 - smitha

cold for misleading title


Plus vat!!! is £549


Total price including VAT = £549.98


That price is plus vat.


You've listed the ex-VAT price :(

Great Spec Phone at £102.55 DOOGEE KISSME DG580 8GB @ mobicity
-119° Expired
Posted 30th Mar 2015Posted 30th Mar 2015
Great Spec Phone at £102.55 DOOGEE KISSME DG580 8GB @ mobicity£102.55
Great specs phone and look at the price too! Buy the DOOGEE KISSME DG580 8GB Dual SIM, unlocked and with 12 months warranty from MobiCity. Doogee Kissme DG580 8GB is a feature lo… Read more
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Better deals at more coldness.


Banggood? That's worse than Kissmee! X)


you can do a lot better for less money these days freezing Antelife have a European warehouse store as well, which avoids customs charges if you buy from there


Under £72 delivered on the Chinese websites ( geekbuying for example ). In the unlikely event you got stung for customs charges it would still work out cheaper. Actually banggood have it available from their UK warehouse for £78.70 delivered ( so no risk of customs charges and quick delivery) Click Here


Absolutely terrible name, I mean what on earth were they thinking when they came up with this name?

32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 sim free £549.98 @ Mobicity
100° Expired
Posted 30th Mar 2015Posted 30th Mar 2015
32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 sim free £549.98 @ Mobicity£549.98
Mobicity have the cheapest pre order price I have seen for a sim free S6 32GB. Deal also includes accessory pack worth £100 - Keyring Emergency Charger - Car Charger - Leather C… Read more
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Ah yes, you're right! Sneaky :{


I think that's excluding VAT...


These are now £458.32 from here... almost 100 quid cheaper before it's out?!

lewis200368 At least they offer their own warranty, but I don't know how comprehensive it is when comparing Samsung's own warranty service. Tempting, but I'm still not sure how trustworthy MobiCity is... £550 is a lot of money!!


Comment Lol That's why it outselling it then....oh wait ha ha ha

LG G3 32 GB Dual sim £329.77 @ MobiCity
-87° Expired
Posted 22nd Mar 2015Posted 22nd Mar 2015
LG G3 32 GB Dual sim £329.77 @ MobiCity£329.77
LG G3 32GB Dual sim. Now heard of this company. So some advice will be useful. I seen some post in Spain and Germany for cheaper price and some people looking for UK models. So her… Read more

Been looking at this dealer for Z3 deals, they are cheap but there are a lot of truly horrendous reviews about the company being cowboys. Just google "mobicity review".


This is the D858 dual sim model which is designed for the Korean market. It is a good phone, but is missing some of the 4G bands for use on all UK networks. The 32GB D856 dual sim has all the correct 4G bands for the UK, but is for the Russian market. I've not seen it imported for sale in the UK, but I was lucky enough to get one in January from MediaMarkt in Moscow for approx £285.


please show me where you can get this cheaper in the UK. 32GB 3GB Ram in ? I had a choice of Germany or this company, I chose Germany, but please tell me where my friend can get it cheaper same spec?


Huge price, can be had cheaper almost everywhere else


That doesn't make sense. Merchant name should also be in the deal title ;)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Sim Free Pre Order £549.98 (MobiCity)
-111° Expired
Posted 21st Mar 2015Posted 21st Mar 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Sim Free Pre Order £549.98 (MobiCity)£549.98
Hi I found this deal on the MobiCity website and it is cheaper than Carphone Warehouse who are selling it for £599.99. I dont know how this company is like but a £50 saving is bett… Read more

unfortunately reviews look risky, seems they like to promise you stock will be in but in the meantime make interest on the money you paid them

Samsung galaxy s6 £730 @ mobicity
-228° Expired
Posted 21st Mar 2015Posted 21st Mar 2015
Samsung galaxy s6 £730 @ mobicity£730
Best phone ever. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

I tried the new galaxy devices in the 02 store in London city Friday. there were a lot of Samsung reps around as well. To be honest these handsets look disappointing to me. The regular s6 has stolen so much from the iPhone its embarrassing. the edge version was interesting but after a minute I couldn't really get the point of it. this is from someone who has had all the flagships under the sun. I wonder what will happen to hardcore Samsung fans who no longer have an SD slot or removable battery - key components when they compare the benefits to iPhone. Also the prices for the edge version are laughable. honestly think Samsung are gonna fall well short on this one


I meant in terms of holding value.


You mean you only offer your opinion on devices you have used?


So you offer your opinion on something you have never used. I see. You be happy with your 'compact' with similar specs to a phone I had 2 yrs ago.


There are only so many midrange handsets money can buy.

ASUS Zenfone 6 (6", 2Ghz, 2GB Ram) £189.59 @ Mobicity
290° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2014Posted 26th Dec 2014
ASUS Zenfone 6 (6", 2Ghz, 2GB Ram) £189.59 @ Mobicity£189.59
£250 at Currys and Asus store. Tempted to buy but just don't know if it will be too big or not!
Get deal*Get deal*

How well does it fit in the pocket?




£153 cheapest buy it now on ebay


Am very tempted to get this phone. looking for something fast with good battery, not put off by the big screen think if your using mostly for gaming and video watching screen size is a plus. I'll would be replacing my HTC one x+ so hopefully its faster than it ?



HTC One (M8, 2014) 4G LTE 16GB £413.99 @ mobicity
-162° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2014Posted 25th Nov 2014
HTC One (M8, 2014) 4G LTE 16GB £413.99 @ mobicity£413.99
Buy the HTC One (M8, 2014) 4G LTE 16GB, unlocked and with 12 months warranty from MobiCity. Gunmetal Grey, the flagship colour ships immediately, Gold and Silver follows several we… Read more

No fingerprint scanner...


Where is this deal please?


Got one of these and it is in as good as new condition; really pleased :)


you can get this for £240 on the o2 refresh but it is a refurb


Bought mine for £289 a few weeks ago on the Vodafone deal. Typing on it now. Cold, sorry.

Sony Alternative to Moto G Xperia E3 with 4G £104.98 @ Mobicity UK
-53° Expired
Posted 24th Oct 2014Posted 24th Oct 2014
Sony Alternative to Moto G Xperia E3 with 4G £104.98 @ Mobicity UK£104.98
Over £120 on amazon currently and this is the cheapest I can find it unlocked. Screen res isn't as good as the Moto G, and only 4GB onboard, but it has an SD card slot, LTE/4G supp… Read more

It's not a dead cert I grant you, especially with Sony apparently scaling back on budget phones in the future, but based on some previous Sony phones and update lifecycle, I'd say it's likely...


As long as you only use the 4GB for apps and don't use loads of it will be OK - I have a Moto E for work and have added a few extra apps and it's fine and still have plenty of sapce, although I don't know if Sony has done any stupid partitioning on this like some of the previous budget phones - why they do that I don't know!!!!!


Should I have mentioned that I have a Moto G myself to appease them, or would I have been burned at the stake as an apostate? (_;)


Not a bad phone for the price, although 4gb will get used up in seconds by the majority of users :(


Heresy!!!! How dare you even suggest there may be an alternative to the cult of Moto G. Shame on you!!

Oppo Find 7a 4G LTE £309 @ Mobicity UK
337° Expired
Posted 16th Oct 2014Posted 16th Oct 2014
Oppo Find 7a 4G LTE £309 @ Mobicity UK£309
Buy the Oppo Find 7a 4G LTE, unlocked and with 12 months warranty from MobiCity.  Oppo Find 7a 4G LTE is an incredible smartphone that is designed to exceed your expectations. It … Read more

Your right, people like STi-prodrive should remember that it is better to say nothing and let people think your stupid rather than open their mouths and remove all doubt about it.


Now £407 and OOS?


Official pre orders of the oneplus are available on their website October 27th 3pm to 4pm. If you can't wait go to the oneplus forum! Everyone's giving them out. On this topic, this find 7 advantages are microsd support, replaceable battery, quick charge. The oneplus has 3 gb ram, larger battery(crazy battery life been using it nearly 2 month) , cheaper, and 64gb is enough for me and CMs installed as opposed to colorOS which some may not wish to get muddled with. so it's personal choice! Also quick charge 2.0 is supported by the oneplus chip and needs to be enabled through software so there's still hope too for that.


just wanna say thanks for this! I joined the forum yesterday about 20:00 and by 22:40 I was ordering my OPO 64gb! would have tried this ages ago if I knew about it! if anyone is interested in the OPO then this is a legit way of obtaining one!


N4 didn't sell like hotcakes at all, people just didn't know, this is quite a different story for this forum. N5 on the other hand, you can see so many of them around that I actually believe they sold extremely well. The thing is, for nexus devices it is not Google who sets prices it is a collaboration and while LG was always happy to sell more phones with smaller profit margin (compare g2,g3 prices with other flagships), similar thing with Asus, they wanted to make a name for themselves and have succeeded. Motorola and HTC on the other hand are quite a different story, HTC is known for refusing to go into budget phone business saying it would consume them while Motorola while owned by Google did budge a bit and scored high with moto g. (Moto x was in the beginning such a lack luster phone that Google has actually helped Motorola by putting all the wonderful software stuff in it, just to somehow justify the price) the thing is lenovo wanted a brand to go into smartphone business and they are not interested in budget market or to make a name for Motorola, Google has done that for them. They can go into that market on themselves. They want to make a high end phone that lines up with (please don't crucify me) iPhone, s5, g3, z3, etc. Moto x sort of fits the bill but it is not a powerhouse. Opo and oppo are great phones, the problem is when things go awry and unfortunately they often do, so unless you have the nerves to wait you are screwed. This is why I still wait for buying such phones. I. E. The microphone on my g2 died the other day and within a day they sent me a brand new one and postage label to send the old one. That is what you pay the extra premium for, that and the reason to whine if something doesn't work which I believe is very important for people on this site...