Mobil 1 New Life 0W/40 Oil 5L, £39.99 in store or online @ Halfords

Mobil 1 New Life 0W/40 Oil 5L, £39.99 in store or online @ Halfords

Found 7th Jun 2011
Seemed like a good price, plus you can add any Quidco saving to this, 4% in store (or reserve and pickup), or 7.8% in store with one of your registered cards. Other Mobil 1 oils also reduced....

20% Off Mobil Fully Synthetic 5L Oils plus 30% off Oil Filters when you buy any 4L or 5L Oil

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In my 'umble opinion, a very stupid oil. Massively overpriced and completely unjustifiable....
I think a lot of people really rate Mobil 1. Can you find this particular deal cheaper else where? I'm pretty interested if so, thanks.
I look at it this way...

You can buy a razor; I think it's called King of Shaves. It costs something like a fiver per razor. It panders to vain, status obsessed men who 'think they're worth it'. The sad truth however is that most blokes willl get exactly the same shave with Sainsburys Basic razors which cost 15p for a packet of five.

Mobil 1 0W40 tries to sell you the same 'I'm so great' marketing message but the sad fact is is that it's not that great an oil.

Better fuel economy? Forget it! It's way too thick.

Longer life? Maybe but all cars will lose oil over time. I put a full synthetic 0W20 in my car, I drive the car extremely gently and after 15,000 miles, 40% of the oil has gone; lost through the crankcase breather system. Who wants to risk their engine running dry by going beyond this? Most semi-sythetic 10W40's will last 15,000 miles easy so where's the advantage?

Better wear maybe? Well first off, the sophisticated metallurgy of modern engines means that they do not wear; not like cars from the 70's say. And even if they did, Mobil 1 contains exactly the same ZDDP antiwear additive that's present in every bog standard oil on the planet.

Bottom line is if you're massively rich, want to swank around in your BMW M3, and bore everyone by banging on about 'how you would only ever put Mobil 1 in your car', then this is possibly a good deal. For anyone else, Tesco's 10W40 is fine.
Costco sell this for about £24 I think. That's a more reasonable price.

I don't agree with Joe90_guy - I've had cars in the past where I've had engine issues and changing the cheap oil for Mobil1 solved the problem. You're also completely wrong - Mobil1 is very liquid - thats the point. It's not thick at all - 0W40 is super low viscosity.

I think your argument is twaddle, although I'd not put Mobil1 in a 20 year old Ford Escort, it does serve a purpose for high performance engines. If you think a 15p razor gives as good a shave as a Fusion 5 or Hydro 5 then you've either got the stubble of a 12 year old, or you're kidding yourself.

I don't use cheap crap, I do have Mobil1 in my engine, and I am not "status obsessed" - who the f*** brags about motor oil? Seriously - get a grip!

OP - sorry, great oil, not so great price!

Thanks for the replies guys...

Joe90_guy - Personally I believe there is a difference in quality here. I was posting a deal for this particular oil, not just generic motor oil. There's obviously cheaper stuff out there.

Scottc - 5lt for £24 at Costco? I'll have to check it out if so, not sure I have one near me though.

Its oil guys get over it!
Mobil 1 a 0W-40 oil. The '40' bit means that at 100C (roughly the temperature of the oil when your engine is up to temperature), the viscosity of the oil must, by definition, be between 12.5 and 16.3 centistokes. Typically it will be about 14.4 cst. The exact same rule applies to Tescos 10W-40 so once your car has warmed up, it won't see any viscometric difference between the two oils. If you want a thinner oil, then you should move to a 30, or a 20 weight oil like a 5W-30 or a 0W-20. Not many people are fully aware of these things so your confusion is understandable.

Oh, and I have the stubble of a 55 year old. I can't remember being 12, it's so long ago now.
Just to update you, the instore Quidco tracked at 7.8% (£2.60) so £37.39 was the overall cost.

I haven't got a Costco near me to check and I haven't seen any cheaper deals posted....appreciate it's getting a bit frosty in here though!
Costco is £28 inc the VAT for 5litres.
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