MOBIL1   0-40 supersyn  and 5-30esp engine oil £4.25 in Asda 1litre

MOBIL1 0-40 supersyn and 5-30esp engine oil £4.25 in Asda 1litre

Found 26th Jun 2010
Went in asda and thought this a bargain
Hope it helps someone
Cost me £25.50 for 6 litres for my merc so well pleased
No idea when this ends.
Bought mine yesterday @ fosse park leicester/ hopefully nationwide
Sorry about no pic ive no idea how to put one on


the 5L bottles are also down in price, some down by as much as £20.

5L bottles were £11-16 and the shelfs in gateshead metrocentre asda soon cleared.

I got 5L + 1L 10w40 mobil 1 oil for my next oil change and the 1L bottle for any top ups between now and the next change.

HOT as its cheaper then asda's own brand stuff and cheaper then halfords own brand and major brand stuff.

The stuff I bought 10w40 for my older volvo.
1L = £9.49 in halfords
5L = £24.99 in halfords

I get my oil & filter changed at National Tyres. 5.5 litres Castrol Edge 5-30 Fully Syn plus filter costs £31 if booked online

mmmm....national tyres price for my vehicle

Castrol Edge 5w40 £41.40
Engine flush £5.95


"Due to the time taken to remove some modern day engine sump guards or under trays, it may be necessary to request a small additional labour charge. If this is the case, we will discuss and agree this with you in the branch prior to commencing work."

So cost £47.35 (then maybe a small labour charge) booked online.

£31 is a good price based on your vehicle, but might not be a good price when compared to DIY on other vehicles.
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